Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tiger Shark's Gonna Get YOU

Okay. So I have another new post. I don't want to post everything exciting all at once because i want to even myself out. Once school starts, my life will be back to boring. Not that is was that much less boring when school was not starting.

Now, without further ado, I present to you my tiger shark three in one headband/neckscarf/belt, although headband is like 50% while the other two functions are more like 25% each because headbands just rock my world.

This was a launch off my first wacky band, the Lobster Headband. The theme is a little more nautical with the strips and the center feature being a shark of course. It is also reversible because the back side of the back fabric is a simple black fabric. To be honest, I was not inspired by anything on that fateful day I created this extraordinary masterpiece. I made it because I had bought this huge piece of tiger printed felt from JoAnns last year when they had this huge clearance sale on their remnant pieces. My sister I think, somehow mentioned a shark. I did a little mathematics since I'm such a nerd and all and the equation was perfect:

tiger + shark = tiger shark

I think it's funny, but maybe the mature college people at campus won't get my sense of lameness, but that's okay because I have the lamest friends in the world and they will understand my utter lack of cool. I'm kidding guys! You are way cool. Cooler than the Antartic during winter.
I made a totally of six of these for a few reasons. One, in case I explode in sweat one day and my tigershark headband is just a smelly tigershark headband. Two, possibly to sell so other people can bask in my lameness. And three, to get my idea to the Sushi Chefs of the world and make it a mandatory uniform. I would totally eat sushi from a place that had people wearing this. Wouldn't you?

Please excuse my puffy cheeks. I did NOT accidently inject myself with collegen if you were wondering.

I rock the world!!

Another thing about this headband is that it makes anyone instantly cool. For instance my loser of a roommate Bacne wore this awesome band of delight and turned instantly cool. It was as if a light was shining from her head. Imagine a halo on an angel, but cooler. Yeah, that's just how cool she looked. Then she took it off and the light disappeared and she turned back into her loser self. I love her still because she is the cheese puff in my sack lunch and no lunch is complete without a cheese puff. (Wasn't that the greatest metaphor like ever?? I think only Bacne could possibly understand the greatness of that line)

My rapstar of a friend, MWang also posed for me using my lobster headband. And she looks FIERCE. Tyra Banks will cower in her fierceness. Take a look:


WendyB said...

This post is hysterical. The part about your roommate made me LOL. And what a cute tiger shark!

Vintage Bunny said...

You are so funny

Isabel said...

TIGER shark? You are so bloody clever!

Quakeulf said...

Excuse your puffy cheeks? I LOVE your puffy cheeks! Hell, I found this blog by googling for "puffy cheeks". Puffy cheeks are among the best things ever!

Anonymous said...

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