Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lala's Style of the Past Days

With the whole moving in and week zero fun extravaganza, I, Lala, have been a bad lil blogette for neglecting all you fine readers, even though I'm sure I was not missed much. But fear not once again because I am here now, at 1:13 am in the morning updating because sleep is so overrated. Plus, I want to train myself to sleep in late because I realize that out of everyone in my room, I always wake up first. I feel like such a mommy.

This was move in day so I needed something comfortable to lift boxes and luggages full of clothing with, hence the baggy tee, and something to absorb my sweat, hence the "tiger shark" headband. Get it? Tiger shark. Oh god. I crack myself up.

-bird of paradise sequinned tee: my mom's old shirt that she told me to do something with. So I did.

-Black capris: daisy fuentes for Kohls, $7

-"T" bling bling (for the inner rapstar in me): 0.50, the icing

-Tiger SHARK headband: made by me.

MONDAY: Monday was basically an errand/nothing much exciting day. My hot dog purse however, gave me all the excitment I needed for the day.

Mmmm, yum.

-wonderwoman tee: $5 mall

-scarf: 0.50 st. vinnies

-skirt: taken from my mom, she was going to donate it before I snuck it away.

-belt: taken from my aunt, who was also going to donate it before I took it away.

-shoes: $3 tjmaxx

-hotdog purse: I had it since I was young. It is seriously the coolest thing you will ever meet. I have a whole family of them. A hotdog backpack and a hamburger fannypack.

TUESDAY: Today, well, technically yesterday was a little trip to downtown LA.

-panda tunic: my own creation

-jeans: $12, Nordstrom Rack

-boots: $4, local thrift

-green scarf: $0.50, local thrift

-mexican people barrette: I think it was a souvenoir from Mexico

-green cardi: $3 tjMaxx

-necklace: my own, for my future "Clay Play" jewelry collection for LalaLiu Designs.

-bag: same ole, same ole 2.50 bag from the icing.

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miss *ann said...

great looks, love 'em. really!