Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

I did a little "modeling" (haha, not really) for my friend today for her art project. This is what I wore. I also ate vegetarian food too and shopped in the asian market. Moon festival is coming up but sadly I will be away at school missing out on the moon cake action.

-dress: Thank You Mart $4
-belt: taken from my aunt's loot of things she was going to donate to charity
-beatles bag: made by me
-shoes: $10 mervyns


Eli said...

wow, I love toile print. can I have the dress?

Frasypoo said...

You look so stylish!Its a very cute dress

dianabobar said...

great pattern!

dianabobar said...

and print:)

WendyB said...

Very ladylike!