Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Trip Downtown

Yesterday my suitemates and my friend headed off to the heart of LA to the cool, hip place that is Fashion District. Bacne decided to ditch us for sleep. I will introduce the crew in a later post.

We took the Big Blue Bus down there. I'm like a public transportation expert now. For sure man, for sure. Then we walked. And aha! There it was, in all its glory, the Fashion District sign. I had led the team to the right direction.

The place was not crowded at all. Last year when we went on a Saturday, the streets were filled with people. Especially, Santee Alley. Santee Alley is basically this long alley way filled with clothing, toys, accessories and more! Lots a fakes and lots a fun! I was tempted to buy the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" Bag just for fun, but I forgot to ask them how much it was.
I thought I would not buy things because either the stuff is cheap and yucky or a little more expensive but not yucky. But thankfully, after passing hundreds of shoe stores, I found a place where they had this two pairs for $10 deal. I think I have like natural instincts to find out where the clearance loot is. So this is what I bought.

I was instinctly attracted to those red sequined flats with a subtle tiger pattern. Or maybe it was a zebra pattern. They are my ruby shoes of magic. The other pair were a nice wedged flat with a floral pattern.

We kept walking and then decided to head back to the bus stop. We took a different street back and realized that all the cheap not yucky things were on the less known streets. I found these super fabulous rainbow flats with some skull embroidery for only $3.33!!! It was on sale - buy 3 pairs for 10 dollars. MWang bought two nice sandals.

We then went to do some purse shopping for my friend, who I shall call J Shrew. She didn't find the purse of her dreams. But I found more cheap stuff. I should seriously have a commandment of "Thou shall not buy cheap stuff just because it is cheap". The store was a $2.99 store which is sort of a hybrid between one of those downtown LA stores because umm, it was in downtown LA; a thrift store because it had a lot of random stuff that didnt have any multiples but things were new..I think; and a thank you mart because everything was $2.99.

I first found this orange South Park shirt for Bacne because it reminded me of her. Then I found the most hideous bright blue jeans in the world but they just called out to me:

jeans: Lala! Lala...Lala.... come over here.

me: *shrugs* Okay.

jeans: come to me. Buy me. Give me your tender loving care...

me: What are you?

jeans: I'm an awesome pair of Levi's mom jeans with a button up front dyed to a bright electric blue perfection. I am destined for you.

me: *I think I'm being brainwashed by these jeans* Okay. I'll buy you.

and that was basically the whole story. Then I found this orange strapless floral dress. I didn't really need it but it was nice and cheap. Man, I just broke my commandment.

After straggling along the streets for a while, I realized that it was alredy 3:30! We had planned to go eat a late lunch at Chinatown, but I guess it was not happening. We did end up going back to UnionStation so we could find the Big Blue bus again to head back to school. We were super dehydrated so we went to find a drink place. We passed by Olvera street a long the way, but to our dismay, found nada.
Finally, we settled for this Mexican cafe and I ordered a mango smoothie. It was good. But maybe it only seemed that good because I was on the verge of passing out.

The bus took like an hour to get back to school during which I fell asleep. It was a fun day, but sadly tomorrow, school will start and I will have to go back to my routine of waking up, school, sleeping. Hopefully I can manage to sneak in fun activities along the way.


fashaholic said...

i'm in love with all the flats you got!!! Waaah why am I so far away?? ;___;

Eleh said...

i love love all the flats you bought!

Isabel said...

I am basking in your fabulous ability to sniff out a deal...Honestly, I used to think i was a stellar thrifter until I started reading your blog. I have been humbled. I love all the shoes you bought!

Poster Girl said...

I love the Fashion District, especially the Alley. Do you remember which streets had the good deals?

lalaliu said... was like one of the streets next to the alley. more towards Main street i think...

Anonymous said...

i love the skull and the sequined flats!! your little trip sound like a lot of fun!!

ps: what do you mean with mexican cafe?? :S