Friday, September 21, 2007

What I Did Today and Last Night

Let's see, I have about 1.5 days left until I move in and official declare the end of my summer fun. Truth be told, I'm actually excited to start a new year. I don't really like school but I like the idea of being at school and being a student. Does that even make sense? Now I'm going to review a bit of what I did today because that is just how bored I am.

I woke up around 8:30 this morning thanks to the lovely sounds of wood being sliced downstairs. My room is above the garage and my dad, like me and my sewing, likes to play with wood. He promised to take me shopping today since yesterday's "father-daughter" activities were a bust. We drove to the thrift store and I shopped. Actually I drove because the today is the last day I have insurance which means that my thrifting habits throughout the schoolyear will be cut short unless my friends take me with *wink wink*. I don't know why I just winked. I'm not sure a lot of my friends read this and even if the do they can't drive *wink wink*, you know who you are :P. He took a nap in the car. Don't worry, it wasn't that hot today so he didn't suffocate to death.

I have found a new favorite thrift store. During my scouring of the racks, this man kept giving me pants he thought I would all like. They were ugly but I didn't say that to his face. I was sweet and said, "yeahh! they're really cool! thanks!" One pair were these tapered drawstring jeans with fabric on the cuffs and another pair were these black goth/raver looking things. Those would have been a really low level-maybe if they weren't $15. And then I went to another rack and secretly placed them back. Sorry dude, you have bad taste, but thanks for your consideration. I love meeting random strange people at thrift stores.

I had a handful of things in my arms at the end but I only decided to leave with two. The hat was an impulse buy because it reminded me of my stuffed animals except for my head and because fashaholic tried on this furry 70's hat at this vintage store we went to once. It's not nearly as cool, but it's an alright alternative. I can pet my head everytime I get bored in econ or accounting which could be possibly everytime.

Me wearing all the things together!
The dress looking thing was my first find. I found it on the floor actually and was attracted to the bow and red plaid on the back and then when I saw the front with its little patch it was mine! I seem to have a strange attraction to anything childish. It's a little big. I don't know if it was a girls or woman's dress because its kinda big but short as well.

So I can always stay a teen at heart.

The back. It reminds me of Christmas!

So in total, I spent around $7. The jumper dress was 3.95, the pink plaid shirt was 0.85 and the furry hat was $1.50. I'm so addicting to thrifting now. I'm going to have a hard time during my withdrawal period. Please don't hate me if I seem irritatated and angry all the time in the future. It's not me. It's the lack of thrifting.

I really should have worn this shirt I made last night. I love it. I'm thinking of making more to sell possibly. Then all us crazy thrifters can identify each other.

After thrifting, we went to send my sister lunch. I also went to visit my art teacher to say hello and to drop off this way awesome shirt I made him:

My art teacher was actually the one to rename me Lala, so without him this blog would not exist. And LalaLiu would not exist. It might be tiffyliu which just is not as cool or have that ring to it. So thank you. It's funny because he's also the wrestling coach. Man, I hope the shirt isn't too small for him.

Afterwards, I met up with my mom for some Chinese Islamic food. Then my dad and I contined our shopping spree. More like "my" shopping spree since I was kind of forcing him. We stopped by walmart for some dorm shopping but all I really walked away with was a bottle of shampoo and some findings for my jewelry making. Then we stopped by Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx but found nothing. We went home and I was about to take a nap when I saw my sister had received her Seventeen Magazine. Deciding I had nothing better to do and that I can always sleep at night, I read it. Then I did some ebaying.

I asked my mom if I could go to the thrift store. She gave me a death glare. This is what went down.

Me: Can I go to thrift store tomorrow? (in a half joking/half serious tone)


Me: *Blank* and *quiet*

Mama: Serious, you are so obsessed!

Is she right? Am I obsessed? Perhaps I am but aren't we all obsessed with something? I need to make a list. Yes. I need to prioritize what I need, and what I need to do. So here goes.

  • Paint nails.
  • Paint toes.
  • First pick a color to paint though.
  • Finish my online portfolio
  • Buy makeup even though I don't know how to do makeup.
  • Decide how much clothing/shoes/belts/bags/accessories I can fit in one SUV.
  • Place the said amount of clothing/shoes/belts/bags/accessories in boxes and luggage cases.
  • Do some more ebaying.
  • Watch "What Not to Wear" and "20/20"
  • Think about school?
  • Feed turtle.
  • Buy more necessities.
  • Thrifting.

So I made thrifting the least of priorities. Mom should be proud.


fashaholic said...

wow that's an awesome teen dress! I love the plaid surprise on the back. how rebellious mehehe!

and i love the shirt u made for coach thomas! sooo cute! Are our faces still on the cabinet doors??

lalaliu said...

yeah it is!! he said he's never going to let anyone paint over that door. I hope he wasnt lying...

Isabel said...

That 'teen club' jumper is epic. I love it so much! I also wish I was your art teacher, so I could deserve that great shirt!

ThriftyFashionisa said...

I would buy one of your I <3 Thrifting t-shirts

Vintage Bunny said...

I have changed blogs
this is my new blog url
I' ve also changed names from frasypoo to vintage bunny!
I keep thinking of you when I see those white designer tees.I forgot the designer but they totally ripped their ides from you.Will email you a link when I remember

bitterbabe said...

ok seriously I love all your stuff! Especially the elephant earrings so freaking cute!!

discothequechic said...

wow! that is the coolest tee..

your art teacher is very lucky.

how did you do it? like screenprint or what? Though it looks a little too delicate for that actually.

S xx

SKYLA said...

| would LOVE to have one of you ! <3 Thrifing t-shirts. Except there aren't really any thrift shops round here , so I think it would need to say something else! lol

Michelle said...

hi tiffany