Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Simply Vera

Today I took my grandma for some corporate coffee and shopping. I took her to Kohls because last week we had already scoured the TJ Maxx and that was the only place left, sadly. Deciding I had nothing better to do, I checked out the Simply Vera line even though I had already seen a bit when I went last week. I took a lot of pieces into my arms and off to the dressing room we went. I secretly took some pictures too.

Nearly all the pieces were really volumnous and flowly, but not necessarily in a good way.

This yellow color was about the only thing I liked about this shirt. Don't even mention the skirt.

This was the outfit on a mannequin. And it should stay on the mannequin. Ick factor - a million.

This dress was actually okay. But for over $100 in a stretchy polyester material I must say "no please".

Ugh. No.

This long duster type sweater coat felt like a bathrobe. But if I wanted a bathrobe, I probably would have just got a bathrobe.

I kinda liked this outfit a little even though it's rather unoriginal with the flowly loose top and the skinny trousers. I liked it because it was comfy, but then again my pajamas are mighty comfy too.

This dress was actually okay too even though the zipper was totally broken. I was trying to zip it up and I was like wtf, the zipper is not even attached to the dress.

More volumous tops.

Another top with an empire waist in a baby-doll style. I liked the patterns and colors, but it still it felt a little too ordinary and made me look a little pregnant.

So my verdict on Simply Vera. It's a no go. If you couldn't tell that already, then geesh you're real slow. But that's okay, I was teased for being slow in high school so we can be slow together.

All these high fashion collaborations with mass market retailers have started to lose their appeal. I remember when Target started their Go International lines and I kept telling my mom, "mama, but these are designer!" and now it sort of lost its special appeal. I'm sure Vera Wang had good intentions of making her line, probably thinking of bringing"high fashion" and the "Vera style" to the ordinary folks of America, but seriously the clothing would just not look good on a the average American, let alone a typical Kohls shopper. The clothing would not be flattering unless you're tall and skinny aka a model of some sort. Plus the materials used is all synthetic and icky and definately not worth the money. I choose Target's new Alice Temperley instead. It's cheaper too.

My sister is shaking her butt in front of me and it's hurting my eyes.


Eleh said...

they sure don't look all that great! and I can't quite decide which is funnier. Your mention of the "slow" thingy or your sister shaking her butt. Ahaha.

fashaholic said...

eck! I was actually quite curious to see how vera wang for kohl's would turn out, but turns out it's a bust :(. The one that I'd most likely wear out of all is the 6th one. It would've been cooler if it came in the same yellow shade as the first top you tried on, imo.

make me jem earrings so i can unleash the rock star in me! :D

buttonsandstars said...

Oh my goodness! They're terrible!

Frasypoo said...

I am glad you did this post and I know that the clothes would hang on me like they did on you
Seriously Americans on the street are you and me and not stick figures