Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Model Life

TLC's A Model Life has replaced my ANTM fix during the summer and I must say that I no longer care about Tyra Banks and her wannabe "models". But today, I say goodbye to the show by watching the finale.

I'm so happy for the three girls: Lucia, Valeria, and Abby for getting the next contract and I am one who never feels emotion towards people on television. The three were my favorite girls of the show and I am in love with Lucy because she is just so frickin adorable and has the most amazing eyes. She's such a sweetheart I love it when she says "girls" in her lovely Slovakian accent. I want her to be my friend.

My google skills suck because I can't find any good pictures. While a Model Life is over, hopefully the girls are successful in this tough industry.