Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Art Gang's Last Adventure: Travels to Pasadena

It was a dark and stormy night. The towns of southern California were quietly sleeping. Floating dreams were hoovering throughout the midnight sky, but deep into the heart of the town, the Art Gang were planning something - they were planning something huge, big, gigantic, humongous. Inside their crazy, masterful minds they were about to save the world one last time.

But let us stop. And back up. And retrace our steps to when it all began....

In the fall of 2004, four human beings were brought together by the forces of high school counselors and schedule placements. There was Kaypable, Carmenstrual, Toddler, Tommysterious and I, Tiffanypack. These of course are not our real names. Heavens no. They are merely our secret identities for when we are normal people. So there the five of us were. With our powers combined we formed the Art Gang, a group of superherovillians trying to save the world by bringing art one day at a time. Our motto? Art or Die. It was quite simple actually. We were kids with PeterPan syndrome. We refused to grow up. So instead of growing up, we decided to become superherovillians.

Now, let us stop. And fast foward. And go to present day.

So yesterday, theArt Gang minus one decided to travel to pasadena once again to solve the case of the murder of the art student. It was no ordinary art student. This particular art student that the Art Gang had to save would be the saviour of mankind, so in an indirect way, the Art Gang was saving the world you see. Not only that, but Kaypable had class for four hours and since we all had nothing better to do, we hopped on the train in the morning and off to Pasadena we went.

When we arrived there was a giant ball in our way. Luckily, with my superhuman strength. I stopped it from rolling over us and turning us into flatbread.

The rest of the gang helped too.

We knew someone was trying to sabatoge us by planting a gigantic rolling mosaic ball. We traveled a bit more into the deep forest and befriended some deer. Suddenly, we saw a sign. This cigarrette ash can tipped over by Toddler pointed us north. So north we headed.

We asked the naked man to tell us more about this saviour art girl and about the evil one who was after her. He didn't tell us much. He was a rather quiet old bloke. We traveled some tunnels. And hallways. Suddenly! Out of nowhere a giant octupus with a mustache attacked us. Before I attacked back, I laughed, because it was such a funny site. But then right after I fought back. The Art Gang defeated Mr. Octopus. We did Chinese Water Tourture on him to spit out the information we wanted to know. All he could muster was "fashion girl" before he blacked out. We dropped on the ground and left.

We finally found the on named "fashion girl". She was wearing the coolest outfit I have ever seen. But I could not stare at her fashion chicness because I was on a mission. She told us that if we wanted to defeat the even one and save the saviour, then we must go read fashion books and fashion magazines.

And so we did. For four hours. We read fashion books.

And fashion magazines. Which was fun for me because they had all these hard to get European Magazines too. So Carmenstrual and I divulged ourselves in I-D, Dazed&Confused, POP and an assortment of the hipster mags. We read and read and looked and looked. We didn't understand the point of the whole thing and how it related to saving the art girl, but we didn't care because we read all the fashion glossies with are heart's delight.

After reading we didn't know what to do next. Where do we go from there? Where would we find the evil one? and the savior? We had no idea. So we decided to head back home and let some other gang figure it out, because for now, we were tired and we needed to catch the train back home before it was too late.

It was a rather un-climatic ending so we decided to celebrate with a little Islamic Chinese food and bicyle riding at Target.

And then some yogoboba. We may have not solved the case, but at least we had fun.

If you don't understand this story, it's okay, because I don't understand it myself either even though I wrote it myself.


fashaholic said...

Oh how i wish that name would be forgotten..! :{

I liked your story, even if we weren't able to solve the case haha :). Darn. Last adventure :( I won't see you until Thanksgiving. How crazy is that?! We shouldn't let that happen!!!

Frasypoo said...

You guys had tons of fun!I wish my friends lived close by!

WendyB said...

This is so funny!