Thursday, September 6, 2007

Give me some good ole hair wrappin!

While most other fashion bloggers out there are probably checking out and blogging continuously about the latest S/S 08 collections at New York Fashion Week, today I'm going to talk about something that has been on my mind for a long time. Well, it's not exactly a long time, it's only been a few hours but to some people, like those who are being tortured, a few hours can be a really long time. So I win.

Anyways, this afternoon I was swiggling in the pool. I do realize 'swiggling' isn't a word, but it just fits. So I win, again. I had a hard day at the office: working 24/7 as Lala the Art Geek aint no easy task. I had to figure out shipping mistakes for my website AND play with clay all while watching The Prestige online, so as you can tell I was pooped out. (The Prestige is a GREAT movie by the way!). Onto the story. I do seem to sidetrack a lot whenever I blog.

So I was swimming. And thinking. I was swimming and thinking. What could I possibly be thinking about the whole time swimming? New fashion ideas? New tee ideas? My upcoming thrift-venture? Nahhh. I was thinking hair wraps. I can already imagine your wtf-expressions as we speak. But no, seriously, I want a hair wrap - bad. It's so over. It's so 90's. It's so elementary school-esque. But no. Once Lala has her mind obsessed with something, she has to get it.

I was thinking about hair wraps and how cool they used to be and how the first and only time I did get a hair wrap, it lasted only two days. But boy, were they the best two days of my life. My sister and I had gone to our art teacher's house to get them done. Mine were purple, pink, and white. It had a bead with a pig on it at the bottom. I remember how I had secretly desired for one for a long time just like how I secretly desired nail polish but somehow got the idea into my head that they were "bad" - they were the devils' fashion and certainly going to a Christian school at the time did not help either. I was a messed up kid.

The day I got the hair wrap, I swished my hair around all day, admiring that piece of hair wrapped in string. I could put it up in a pony tail and let it show, and put it down and still let it show. It was bliss. It was love. It was a moment that lasted way to short. I clearly remember the day it happened- the day my hair wrap ceased to be a hair wrap anymore and instead just a lifeless strand of string. I was running around at art camp during our lunch break when suddenly, I felt this tiny pull on my head. Then I looked down. There it was, my happiness, sitting on the grass cold and dead. I had suppressed that memory from my mind for many years until this afternoon.

Look at this kid. Look at that cute smile on her face. I want to be her. I know she's mocking me right now, laughing at my lameness: HarHa! You don't have a hair wrap! You don't have a hair wrap! I do! Not you!

And now, I am determined to get one again no matter how stupid it is or how "unfashionable" or how out of date. It's not just about the hair wrap, my friends. No. It is much more. It is about reclaiming my happiness. It is about finding that joy and spark in life again that my first hair wrap had given me so much of. If I don't get one, I simply don't know how I can go on with life.

Excuse me now, while I go about moping my childhood travesty.

Done moping. Time to check out some of those new collections baby!


Frasypoo said...

Hair wraps!!!

fashaholic said...

I've never had my hair wrapped :(. I feel like I've been deprived of my childhood~!

buttonsandstars said...

Ah yes, I remember those days... Whenever I went on holiday, I would get one done. They were SO awesome!
My 15 year old (stylish) sister had one done last year, and it looked surprisingly good. I think it's all a matter of how you wear them!

Kori said...

I hadn't seen one of those for years (although I used to get them all the time) until last summer, when I became friends with this Israeli girl who had one. It actually looked really cool, and not in an elementary school way. I think the reason she was able to make it look so cool was that the rest of her hair was long and messy, and she wore lots of bangles and asymetrical earrings and necklaces and stuff. Kind of a gypsy-ish look.

SKYLA said...

Ah i remember having a hair wrap ste when i was little...I called them Hair Braids though
Fulfill your dream Lala! :P x