Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Beginnings of a Krav Maga Master

You are now offically reading the fashion blog of a soon to be Krav Maga master. You are now also probably thinking what the heck is "krav maga"? At least, that was what was floating around my messed up mind when my friend told me about it. I like to think that other people think like me. It makes me feel like less of a strange freak, which is okay by me. After the initial "WTF???" and the "huh?" and the "can you repeat that?" and the "is that a person's name?" she told me that it was a form of self defense for real life situations AND it's the technique they use for the Israeli military. Self defense? and Israeli militants? I was totally down for it. If you don't already know, you probably don't because there are only a few readers out there *wink wink - hey guys!* that know and understand my deep desire to be a karate or anything martial arts-esque master. Let me take you back to my childhood....

As a child, I wanted to be the Next Karate kid, you know the movie with Hilary Swank? I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I still need to find my own Mr. Miyagi to teach me how to wax on and wax off. In the movie, she almost gets hit by a speeding pizza delivery man but saves herself by doing some "leaping lotus tiger position" move that I found very awe-inspiring. Hey, I was like only 6 back then. I get influenced by everything way too easily...still do. Well to make a long story short:

1st grade first day of school. mom walking with me to class. cross street. car coming. thought it wasn't going to stop. about to do move. until mom stopped me. my hand slammed against the hood. driver looked at me funny. finished crossing. went to class and learned how to write the letter A in cursive.

That was not the end of my karatekid journey. I took a self defense class during sports camp. Sadly, my training was cut short by a broken collar bone due to my unskilled toubling skills. Now one bone is more pointy than the other. Great.

Despite my the failures as a master of the martial arts, my dream of becoming a world class fighter has still not left my soul. Luckily for me, my friend told me about the krav maga lesson they were having at the gym today. It may not be karate or other ancient asian arts, but it is cool to me nonetheless. I get to kick people in the groin! woohoo!! Our lesson today was short rather introductory, but I did get to kick and punch and punch and kick. It's good to get my aggression out. I have a lot of it. GRRRRRR...see?

So you still don't really know what krav maga is? You can either google it up or take a look at the pictures below:

That will be me in 8 weeks. I'll be the one kicking, not flying.
Me now. Creepy men watch out! I'm gonna krav maga your buttocks!
While I am now on the way to becoming a street fighting guru, I am still the same ole Lala at heart. A week has already gone by and now it's already Monday. Scratch that it's now Tuesday. Over the weekend I made some things for M Wang since it was her birthday yesterday. First up was this "Ghetto Superstar" shirt inspired by her ghetto fabulous-ness....

Then I made her a "cheesecake brownie" except it turned out to be more of a burnt creamcheese over brownie cake. Still good though, I think...just wait, I'll find it untouched by week 10. Now that would just break my spirit. The pretty pro egg tarts were by Beckster. They were delish.

I went home on the weekend not expecting to do much however my dad surprised me by taking me thrifting. He was nice. Usually it's a big fat "SHUT UP!" followed by a "NO!". I was about to pay for my stuff until he told me he had locked himself out of the car. It was my old time favorite thrift store's 5th saturday of the month's 50% off sale. Not that big of a sale, but to this store, I guess it is because they rarely have those. It seems that now I can't let a week pass by without getting some thrift action. God, I am way addicted.
Here's my loot:
Cowboy boots - $7.50, a little pricey but i LOVE boots. I bought all my cowboy boots from this thrift store. Third pair BABY!
Random Crocheted Squares: $0.25, I will do something with it. I'm thinking more head jewelry.
Belt- 0.25; Tie-0.50, for this season's collegiate chic; Leather Clutch-0.50, because it had a cool flippy mirror in it.

I always tell myself that I need to stop, but then I tell myself that I'm a collector of fashion so then I don't stop.

I really should be doing some work. Despite being only the third day, the quarter system is really fast paced. I waste too much time, first of all because I can never seem to make decisions quickly. I was debating whether to go to the gym or not today because I wanted to catch up on my list of things to do. With all the time it took to decide I could have gone to the gym, ate some food, and taken a nap. I might be exaggerating just a bit, but I am so indecisive. I even called my mom to ask her what I should do. She told me that I'm an adult and have to make my own decisions. Thanks for the help mom. and I'm NOT an adult. I don't think I even have the maturity of a 13 year old. I then did a little bit of errand type work online. Ate sushi. Visited friends dorm. Wasted time walking to a building to make an appointment for counseling when they only do same day appointments and they were all full. Did one thing on my list of things to do (I have 8 things). Went krav maga-ing. Ate dinner for a long time. Played Nintendo DS. Showered. Watched Desperate Housewives. Now I'm blogging when I could have spent the hour reading up on "Accounting for Partnerships".

Shoot. I should sleep. 8 o clock classes are no fun.


Fabi said...

good luck with the whole krav maga thing!! I used to day dream back in first grade that I was a karate kid and would save the world from evil men. hehee...but yeah, I totally get ya'

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