Friday, October 26, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

I love this outfit today.
  • "corset"-esque top: $5 on sale at charlotte russe
  • high waisted shorts of fury: mom pants reconstructed by me. My sister told me that my butt looked like a pancake when I wore them the first time. I love chocolate chip pancakes.
  • belt: another one of those things I took from my mom
  • white vinyl peeptoes: $9 payless. they hurt like h e double hockey sticks but fashion is pain and I want to break them in!
  • T bling necklace: 0.50 icing
  • sparrow necklace: made by me
  • heart necklace: etsy
  • things in my hair: made by me


fashaholic said...

*claps claps* so many pictures with so many cool outfits :) :)! Those high waisted denim pants are a good buy! :D

Lady N said...

I love that corset top - I've been looking for a corset top. The last shot is a good picture!