Friday, October 26, 2007

Prioritizing Life

Do you ever get the feeling that your life is about to take off?

No? Sucks for you because I DO!

Actually I'm just in for some wishful thinking because although I am scared about that ominous future, I have a gut feeling that it will all work out in the end. And besides, the future is never here, so no worries. There is so much more new activity going on this year than last year. Last year was basically a generic brand piece of white bread - bland and boring but doable. This year, I want to make it a superbly delicious green tea and red bean gourmet bread baked in the ovens of warm hearted bakers and bakerinas.

So yes. I am prioritizing my life. Everyday I have a list of things to do. A scaled down version of a hardcore time schedule. Do I follow it? Of course not. Do I try? Sometimes. Heh. This week was rather busy. So I am here to recap my life because it is oh so interesting. Please note the sarcasm. I was never really good with making sarcastic remarks. I am always too slow for that kind of talent.

Last weekend consisted of studying, sleeping, wasting time, guilt shopping and hanging out with friends! I had another newspaper workshop on Saturday for nearly all morning and afternoon. I ate the ickiest Sbarro pizza I could have ever aten and I also realized how sucky I am at illustration and graphics compared to the other interns. My ego has been poked and is now slowly deflating. Fortunately, the superstar Fashaholic visited us that afternoon. We went off to Westwood for some good ole thankyoumarting and messing around. I bought a pair of the SMEXIEST, HIGH waisted flared jeans in the universe! In the words of CSS, these jeans are my hot hot sex. And they fit wonderfully like a banana peel if I were a banana. Yes. They are that perfect. I also found a turquoise 50's beaded cardign that looked quite grandma-ish, but as you know I have a thing for old people. At first I hesitated paying the $8, but now I realize I should always go with my gut shopping instinct. Afterwards we had fun at a costume store while leeching off my suitemate's gelato.

I think we totally pull it off. I'll be buying these if/when they go on sale.

You may drool now.

Sadly, fashaholic had to go back to a place called home and I had to go back to doing a thing called studying since I had three midterms this week.

On Sunday I spent much of my time catering to kids for this club called China Care Bruins were we are a mentor for an adopted girl from China. I don't know why I keep doing kid related stuff over and over again when I get annoyed by them so much. My kid was okay. I mean they're cute on the outside but seriously if they were in that Shallow Hal movie, they wouldn't look all that attractive. I don't think she liked me much because she ditched me for another girl. Also it was a little awkward when her dad tagged along. I think their family are Harry Potter haters because I was wearing my "YOU LOOK MOLDY DARK LORD VOLDY" tee and he gave me a look halfway between disgust and confusion. I know that look all too well.

Monday I basically studied and then came Tuesday which was practically my worst day ever. I had two midterms that day one at 8 and one at 3:30. For my first midterm I woke up 7:25 (keep in mind it takes around 20 minutes to walk to class). I had set my alarm for 6:45. I disabled it and then did a little "one minute" rest before I actually got up like I always do. My one minute rest turned out to be a 40 minute rest. I practically ran around the room like a madman, and waking poor Bacne up. I put on pants and was getting frustrated that the zipper wasn't working, in fact I couldn't find the zipper. I was thinking, "WTF!!! Did I BREAK this FRICKIN zipper!>!>!?!??" I was half asleep still and it was dark. Then I realized I was wearing it inside out. So I made it to the test sans breakfast and sans real clothing ( I was still in my PJs, how very attractive). But that wasn't the end of my midterm mayhem. For my second midterm I arrived at our normal classroom early, feeling confident and reviewing my notes. Then like 5 minutes before 3:30 they lift up the screen and reveal the board that basically told me that I was in the wrong room and wrong building. So I ran across campus to go to the building and took the four question test that was horrible. By the end of the day I was sick of life, but thankfully I went to a meeting for fashion club and my spirit regained itself. I really want to design for them but I just don't know if I'll have time. Well screw time. I will MAKE time.

Then Wednsday was a breeze compared to Tuesday. I was in my parkranger gear and it was appropriate because I had a lab in the botanical garden. I took my psych midterm and then did a shadowing at the newspaper which was uber boring but informational. I guess. I met up with my ms. popular friend and went to westwood - again. I showed her thankyoumart because she has not been a true Bruin and rarely goes to the gems in westwood. I bought things. Again. God. I need to stop spending. I basically let go of $20 in two hours that day. And if you are a college student you know $20 is a lot. So what did I spend it on? Well I got this denim skirt from thankyoumart that I am going to convert into a dress.

Then I spent a quarter of my money on pinkberry and then I made an illogical and so not me decision and bought hairbands for six bucks! My friends were shocked at my buy and I realized my folly too. I need to return them this weekend or else I will just not be at peace. I also went to Buffalo Exchange and found these red tights. I've been like looking for red tights everywhere. At 3.50 they're not exactly cheap, but they are necessary - or so I keep telling myself.

All my buys from this week.

Wednsday night was SOOOO relaxing I basically did nothing. I painted my nails in super tacky tween look. I love it.

And today was pretty good too. In the end, Life is always good.

P.S I have SOOO many ideas for blog posts (i've written them down on my list of things to blog) so come back soon for more updates!


Vintage Bunny said...

i love your cardigan and those jeans are FABULOUS!I am looking high and low for some !

WendyB said...

The jeans ARE great. You look fabulous in all your photos.

L. said...

AHHHH! I'd pay a million dollars for that cardigan. It doesn't look old-ladyish at all (except in the best possible way). You look heaps adorable.

Isabel said...

Oh, that cardigan is totally worth $8. It reminds me of bobby-soxers drinking milkshakes at the Hop listening to Bill Haley and the Comets.