Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lala's Style of the Days

TUESDAY: The worst day ever day that turned out to be alright in the end. I'm such an overexaggerater as always.

I tried to counter my bad day by wearing a cool ensemble. Nice outfits always do brighten up my day.
  • Dress made by me
  • Steve Madden espadrille wedges: $15 loehmanns
  • yellow 50's ray bans: 10 cents church rummage sale
  • silk ribbon in hair: $0.99, GAP
  • dragon fly clip: gift from art teacher.


I was walking around in Westwood with mi amiga when this guy yelled "Hey girl scout!" I'm not a girl scout you stooge. I'm a boyscout/park ranger. Like dur. But I did feel a little Troop Beverly Hills today.

  • Boy scout shirt: 0.50 local thrift. My roommate kept wondering why the breast pockets were uneven and I just thought it was made that way, until untucked the shirt out of my shorts and she pointed out that I had skipped a button. Yay me.
  • Green shorts: Libertine for Target, $6.50
  • Leopard flats: $10 Target
  • tiger shark headband: made by meeee
  • sunglasses: 0.10 church rummage sale
  • belt: 0.25 local thrift
  • Buzz by Jane fox tote bag: $25 nordstrom rack
  • giant fish that i'm guessing to be Nemo: decorated by my floormates who I don't know at all.


Anonymous said...

The yellow raybans are lovely

Miss Woo said...

woah cute outfits! I love how you dress in themes on some days.

Soul Tanggg said...

that's funny about the "girl scout" comment.

a couple times, on nights when I tought I looked fly,
people have yelled out things like "what tribe are you from!??"

haha! there will always be criticizm, with great fashion.