Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

I realize I never dress for the seasons. This screams summer and spring but I liked it.

  • tank top: $3 robinsons may
  • skirt hiked up super high waisted: another item taken from my mom that she was about to donate
  • belt: 0.25 from my recent thrift trip
  • shoes: $10 mervyns
  • bow in hair: part of a "devil" costume from the 99 cent store. This old funny man from the cafeteria said "I like your bow!" and then he told me how his mom used to wear them in the 40's and 30's. funny old man.
  • sunglasses: $2.50 wetseal
  • necklaces: one made by me and one from etsy that I got freeeee!
  • My muse: Edna from the incredibles. She's my baby.


kit said...

awww you look cute~ The bright colors make me happy!:)

Eleh said...

i like your bow too! Your outfit screams 'fun' 'fun' 'fun'!

Natalie said...

Very cute

Its freezing over here, so all my summer cloths have been abandoned

Anonymous said...

ah I never dress for the seasons =P
my dad says "you're going out in THAT?"
I love your style, it's so cheery.

Isabel said...

I could swear Edna's character was based on my photography teacher!!!