Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

I always knew I was schizophrenic. Now I finally have proof.
  • t-shirt: Zara $19
  • skirt: my mom's new skirt she didn't want from Nordie's Rack
  • Yellow tights that make my legs look like the albino version of the wicked witch: $1 thrift.
  • cherokee belt: taken from my mom's closet like oh so many other things of mine.
  • coat: $10
  • bag: $2.50 icing

Today was the first of four saturdays for the newspaper workshop. Kinda long, kinda boring but very exciting. Also me, Beckster and JShrew went to westwood and did a little groceryshopping/thankyoumarting/pinkberrying. It was very productive even though I should have stayed back to do the mass loads of homework and studying that I am behind on.


fashaholic said...

ahh!! two tiffys!!

heeey are you gonna be at LA next week? I might go to LA to santi it!

Beautoria Vintage said...

Hello pretty Lady, just stumbled upon your blog this earlyyyyy morning, and I love it! I also love that coat!

Lady N said...

your outfits are always so fab!

WendyB said...

I adore the skirt!