Sunday, October 7, 2007

Looking Forward to Life

There's always something so refreshing about starting a new year. Week 1 has already passed by and I feel as if I have been at school for much longer. I realize that I get easily sidetracked with things. I've been so excited about the start of school and I've been so "stressed" (psh, I never get stressed...I'm the most carefree person you will ever meet) about catching up with reading and schoolwork that I'm already behind on, but it's okay because what is a true college experience without staying up to the wee hours of the night, or shall I say morning, to finish up that final round of econ studying or last minute essay revisions. So overall, I'm excited about life.

My rooommate, Bacne, says that it creeps her out that I'm so happy all the time. I'm right there with you Bacne. I creep myself out sometimes too.

So what's going on in LalaLand? Not much I suppose. This year I'm forcing myself to get more involved in school. I'm applying as an illustrator for our newspaper, but we'll see how that goes. I don't want to give myself too much hope because I don't handle disappointment well. I scream and lash out on the nearest person next to me so if you say a psychotic asian girl storming about, please let me apologize right now.

I'm sorry.

I'm also thinking of joining other clubs but I'm not 100% sure about them yet. I like being a hermit and would much rather spend time with my turtle, Wallace, and discuss the meaning of life than go out an socialize.

I'm just kidding. BUT, Wallace does always bring up some revolutionary points whenever we do have a philosophical debate. People think turtles are dumb and slow. They are so wrong. They're smart and slow. Like duh.

I'm also really exciting about my plans to study abroad next year. I have my eye on Europe. Right now it's between the Netherlands and the UK. It's a close race but today my interest towards Netherlands, drug capitol of the world, is winning by far. This little race chat reminds me of the times during those long standarized tests. I would pretend the little black bubbles we filled in were a ball and I got to see which team, A and C or B and D got the ball more. I think A and C won most of the time. So yeah, I am really excited about going, I've never been to Europe before so this will definately be a life changing adventure.

But we turn back to more current events, like recent impulse buys. Lately I've been addicted to ebaying, but with the start of school that little hobby of my has fortunately lessened. My first ever purchase was this Anna Sui Pink "corsette" top that I won for 1 PENNY!! Although shipping was $8.25, it still technically only cost 0.01.

My win. WooHoo!

It's a nice fit, a little shorter than the prevalent long t-shirts that have dominated for the past seasons. It is sorta reminiscent of that talked about Martin Margiela bra-on-the outside-body suit.

Yeah, alright, maybe not. My new Anna Sui will be the poor man's version. But I think it looks cooler.

I also recently went to Target, again. My dad had to get flea medicine and dog food for dear ole Tyke and I volunteered to come along even though deep down I had the secret agenda of heading over to the clothing section. This time the 75% off racks were filled with lots of new selections and this is what I picked up:
A nice yellow flowy tunic. I loved the color combination. Very comfy that I'm using as my PJ's right now too. Double functions rules! It cost me only $3.24. The second item is a silk slip dress from the last Libertine Go International collection. It fits really well and looks super nice even if a little lingerie-ish. I can experiment with it. For every Target Go International collection, I always buy items when they are reduced down to 75% off. I basically scour the racks looking for those oval GO tags and bring them all to the dressing room and seeing which things are actually worth buying because usally the last remaining pieces that get reduced down that much are not the best ones that people go after. So I was happy with my $9.94 dress find. I can hardly wait for the Alice Temperly one to go on sale because there are a lot of things that I like. Hopefully the ones I like are the ones other people don't like because then I can get them at a fourth of the orginal price. This is how I think - like a big fat cheapskate. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Also this weekend I binged on a nonstop marathon of the Fashionista Diaries. I was happy I found the show on All the episodes are online for your enjoyment right at this very moment. I must say the show sucks. The assistants, especially Bridget, got on my nerves a lot. But I kept watching anyways for two reasons:

1. For Mandie Erikson, the ultra b*tch of a boss that made me cringe and laugh at the same time.

2. For Nicole, the noob assistant who declared Juicy Couture as her favorite designer.

If you have nothing better to do with your life, you should check it out. If you have something better to do with your life, you should still check it out.

This weekend I also finished up my online portfolio. Finally, I can cross that off my list of things to do.

More updates to come. I promise.

Just a warning though. Sometimes I forgot I made a promise, so please don't hate me.


Dan said...

I have run across your blog and I found it very interesting, like it a lot. I have a blog too: I would like to exchange links with you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Vintage Bunny said...

I was wondering how you were adjusting to going back to school.
Glad to know that you are doing well.
Love your finds....

Isabel said...

That Anna Sui top is godlike and genius. I want one!

Joyce said...

You've got some great style baby! Keep on posting lovely outfits... :)