Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lala's Style of the Days

Sorry again for the lack of updates. I never realized that living takes up so much time...


  • Black Jumper Top: $5 Papaya. It's so weird, I saw this top last year in downtown LA and wanted to get it but didn't want to spend $16, but then I found it a few months later in the "damaged" pile at Papaya for only $5. It was fate.
  • Pink High Waisted Shorts of Fury!!: originally pants from a thrift trip but reconstructed by me. They were in their second round of high-waisted glory.
  • Yellow Belt: $2 TjMaxx
  • My favorite Happy Thrifting Totebag made by my bestest darling of a friend KC.
  • Leopard flats: $10 Target
  • Little heart hair ties from way back as a kid


  • Little Black Dress, but it's not my perfect LBD (I have yet to find one): 0.50 local thrift.
  • Purple silk cami underneath: $5 Miry's closing sale
  • Red leaf belt: 2.00 local thrift
  • Coolest scarf in the world!: another one of those items I took from my aunt's donation pile
  • Sequined "dorthy" shoes: $5 downtown LA


  • Floral Houndstooth skirt worn as a tube top: o.75 st. vinnies
  • purple vest: 0.50 local thrift
  • apple patterned short sleeved zip hoodie: $5 tjmaxx
  • green cardi: tjmaxx $3
  • black pants: forever 21 from long ago


Isabel said...

I missed your near-daily updates!!!

Bojana said...

Just discovered your blog and...I love it!!

Cool, fun outfits. Love your style

Bojana said... the hell do you find such CHEAP amazing clothes?


Bojana said...
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stina said...

Hi POOP :)

ThriftyFashionisa said...

I love that thrifting tote!

The Sewing Bunny said...

i am so jealous of your cheap finds! you are in nyc, correct? pleaseeee tell me all of your secret places to look :)

lalaliu said...

haha, thanks! actually i live in southern california and never been to nyc.. :(

i mostly shop in the orange county area, mostly a suburban area not like the places where the OC is located though.

Poster Girl said...

I am loving Thursday's scarf!