Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Terror that is Packing.

In approximately 7 days and 5 hours and 20 minutes I will be saying sayonara to California as I head off for Milan.

Excited? Yes. Nervous? Perhaps. But it's not traveling I'm nervous about. It's the realization that I will be only bringing one suitcase for four months abroad. What is a clothes-whore to do?

I am so lazy when it comes to preparing for travel. I still have a million things on my "list of things to do before I leave". The first one, "write a list of things I need to buy and bring" is still incomplete. I attempted at my cleaning the room first so that I could have a clean desk to write that list of things to bring. The room is still not clean. In fact it got a little messier as I tried to clean my closet. I have way too much clothes.

So now, I need the help of fashion bloggers. What should I bring? I only have one large suitcase and a traveling backpack. I am thinking of keeping it simple and a little more Italian? I want to blend in as much as possible. My mom told me it was impossible unless I get massive facial plastic surgery. What can I say, I just don't have an Italian face.

It's getting closer and closer and somehow I am trying to lie to myself in thinking that I still have a lot of time. Maybe going to Italy will somehow force me to be a little more chic and a little less ridiculous. If that happens, my mom should be really happy that I'm going abroad.

What am I doing blogging! I need to clean. I need to finish an illustration.

Actually, I need to blow dry my hair. It's making my shirt and back wet. Like. So. Ew.


rhian said...

i just read the post below. Hahahaha! you are awesome :-)

1234 said...

your mom sounds like such a funny person. umm bring: a journal (or in your case, maybe something to sketch in?), socks, phone cards, tweezers,...

Anna Pope said...

Get dresses because Italy is so hot this time of year (trust me, I just came back from there) and because they are easy to pack. Also, that's kinda the rule for Italian women. Get something warm and comfy for those nights when it might get chilly.
When it comes to shoes get some flats but make sure they are extra comfy to walk in.

When it comes to toiletries, if you really do need the extra space you could always buy the there. Bring your favorite perfume and just one.

Hope this was just a little bit helpful :)

DaisyChain said...

Good luck packing sweets,
I always have the same dilema!

Penny said...

take hardly anything, which will leave loads of room for some gorgeous italian clothes!

gliffyfille said...

ooo how exciting! will you still blog in milan? definitely bring a little black dress!

GlossyChic said...

milan?! lucky!!! but one suitcase for 4 months? yikes! good luck!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you'll be outstanding, everything is pretty grey down there, the fashionable people are only a small percentage. Just bring your very special items as you can find basic clothes for cheap. And don't forget to come to Turin, it's only 2 hours away and it's far more beautiful than Milan ^^
an Italian girl

Soul Tanggg said...

oooh girl I am so jealous!

Dear Prudence Octopoda said...

you should take clothes that you have fun with.
like things that will transition well.
you know stuff that you can make look different everytime you wear it.
i don't know know if you are much of a reader but i say bring a book.

Annie said...

this is not clothing advice as i cant help u cuz i suck at packin as well and jus accumulate even more clothes when i go away.
anyways make sure u bring a couple of ur favourite photos or at least of ur bestest friends. if ur like me and have only asian friends itll be fun to show their pics where asians are not high in number.

Isabel said...

I have to pack for University this week! We're in the same boat, hun.

Alya said...

I was in Milan last month. It was hot (even at night). I'm guessing it should be better and cooler this time..

If you want to blend in aesthetically, I suggest tailored clothes - shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, etc. I noticed the people were really into monochromatic colors (much to my surprise), and weren't into grungy/layering type of things. They looked more like Hamptons-style people.

At least that's what I saw. It wasnt as much as "brand names" as it was the style of clothing and the way they wear it. It was very chic but very simple and minimal. Neons and lots of mixing and matching will not make you blend in.

Have fun, dear! Don't forget to post!

Sugar Pop said...

trust meh when I say, "I am not the person to help with packing." To Korea (only place that I went worth mentioning) I brought very, very little, having bought a lot!!

so...pointless comment, I suppose, but maybe I felt guilty about not commenting or reading in a long time :|

Cosmopolicious said...

don't panic! whatever you forget to bring with you, you'll find in milan. and isn't europe all about shopping anyways? but i would suggest to bring some of your favorite pieces and some basics you can mix and match. that's what i'll do when i fly to paris next week ;-)

miss klauds said...

the first thing i would probably pack is cardigans. they are not too heavy but not too light. perfect to wear with jeans and flats or over a flowy dress on a chilly night.
i am very jealous .. i have yet to go to italy. hope you have a wonderful trip. & good luck packing everything in one suitcase..i still cant believe it.

(if you ever get a chance, please check out my blog ... its very very new ... and im still experimenting.)

Anonymous said...