Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day & Adventures in LA

  • Psychedelic-JesusChristSuperstar-Ultra-Flared-Kaleidoscope Pants of Awesomeness: $2 thrift. Words cannot describe how awesome these pants are.
  • White tank: Guess? outlet
  • Yellow belt: $2 tjmaxx
  • Watch necklace
  • New Lolita glasses: $4 TYM.

I realize I am a bit ridiculous in this outfit. But I love it. so. so. much. I went to LA today to visit my favorite ghetto superstar along with Busababe and KC. We journeyed public transportation style. Yeah baby, going green. I decided I had to wear these pants that I bought a while ago and posted somewhere in the archives of this wee blog. I thought I would never get the chance to show it out in public, but today, I did not hold back. I said I was going for it. This adventure today was as much about my super socially awkward friends as it was the pants. I should seriously make a book about it except I might get sued for copyright infringement since there is another book out there about pants. But these pants beat those pants any day.

When I woke up in the morning and showed my mom what I was going to wear, she gave me a pained expression and said, "Do you have to?". I said, "Yes. I have to."

She gave up. I think she gave up the day I turned weird. Which is like, my birth date.

I carpooled with mom to the train station and she asked me, "How do you pee with those pants?". I made a wtf face. "Umm, they're just like regular pants." I replied.

"Oh, I thought you had to take it all off to pee."

"Um. No. They're just pants. But cooler."

We arrived and I met up with Busababe (she was dressed super cute by the way!!) and off to LA we went. On the way we flipped through Nylon. And we started talking fashion. I started asking her what she liked. She told me. And then I started questioning what my personal style was. I looked down. Definitely, not normal.

KC greeted us with her monkey face. We bused it to ghettosuperstar. It felt like I was being a tourist at my own school. I danced with the bear. Actually, I was trying to smack it's butt. No. I ain't kinky.

We visited the apartment then off to Westwood for a little TYMing. I finally found heart shaped sunglasses! I've been wanting them ever since they became cool but haven't found them anywhere for cheap. Now that they're a little passe, it's the perfect time for me to wear them out. I'm always behind on trends. I tend to pick things up after all hipsters and trendistas have gone through them. I blame it on my genetic procrastination skills.

Afterwards, with my new sunglasses on face, we went to Santa Monica. Walked around and touched sand. It was bliss.

In order to catch the train, we had to leave a little early than I would have liked. We jumped on a random bus that took forever. On the way we discussed many important topics in life. Such as fetishes, afros, and priests. We finally were fed up with the slow-mo bus that we jumped off when we saw a metroline.

The highlight of my day occurred on the metro.

We were standing in the middle, holding a pole. Outside the window I see a face painted man coming in. I thought he was coming back from some baseball game or something. But nope, he was actually a clown. I didn't give much thought, but just kept looking into space. He looked a little creepy and Busababe looked at him and then looked at me and told me that he was looking at us.

I looked over. He saw me look over. And then he asked in a serious manner, "Are you a clown?"

Internally, I exploded with laughter. Externally, I exploded with laughter.

"Oh. No. Sorry."

Dude. I do not have clown pants man. I don't even look like a clown! Okay, don't answer that. I think he was jealous that he didn't have any awesome pants. When I later told my mom, she said, "He must of thought you were stealing his customers."

Highlight of my day. Enough said. I couldn't look back at him for the longest time. I was finally glad that we made it to the station because this clown looked mighty creepy.

We ran to the train, but it left without us even though we were standing right there. Oh well I thought. That gives more time for the three stooges, aka us, to be lame.

I made it home. And so did my pants. That sounds a little dirty or maybe I'm just thinking dirty since busbabe enlightened me with all her human sexuality knowledge.

I really must sleep. Super tired from waking up at 6:30

P.S Remember this. Only two days left.


kirstie said...

you touched the butt!!

i really love those glasses. and the pants... they are too much... too much. but i love them anyway.

KATLIN said...

I read this entire post and you are hilarious!! I wish I had the guts to wear crazy pants like those.

Lady_V said...

Hahahaha, where did you find those insane pants???

p.s. I'm loving how happy you look in those pictures. But then again how could you not when you're wearing those pants. =P

Erin said...

Hahahahahaha, omg that's awesome how he thought you were a clown!! And you rock those pants by the way. Definitely NOT clown-ish.

Hannah Cheeto said...

Ahh! Those pants are amazing! And the bit about the clown (and kind of the whole story) is hilarious!

DaisyChain said...

I love the outfit. It's too crazy to dislike!
Thanks for the well wishes for my trip,
I shall add your link to my site now =)


Casey said...

You make me laugh...

Love those pants, btw. They're awesome. And your mom's reaction to them sounds like my mom's reaction to me when I run in public in my spandex short-shorts.

Babbler said...

Those pants are amazing! I don't think anyone could rock those pants as well as you can. This is seriously my favorite blog and I've already added your link to my own site.

1234 said...

HAHAHA oh god thats soo funny. the pics are wonderful.

gliffyfille said...

the pants are awesome! you rock them. good they were foldupable for beach play! :D

A Black Tie Event said...

those pants are incredibile! definitely too cool to be clown pants.

selinaoolala said...

i just about looove these! i'm so glad your outfit posts are back as they put the awe in awesome (how mean girls of me... you go glen coco!)

Chic Looks said...

this is hilarious, I love the pants, so unique I reckon

WendyB said...

I like your pants of many colors.

Soul Tanggg said...

hahahahh! what a funny day!
you mom sounds a lot like mine. haha

clown pants?? ..yeah, I think he was just jealous..

some clowns are just haters.

london said...

omg ur pants are uber cute.

rollingmoon said...

Woah I was at TYM Friday night. Funny that you were there the same day! I almost bought some shades but since I couldn't find anything else I wanted and didn't have cash I passed. I hate putting small expenses on my debit card. I didn't see the heart shaped ones, maybe you got the last ones ha!

Sucks you are leaving SoCal but hey, Milan? Yes please! Looking forward to even more interesting updates and maybe when/if you come back we can be socially awkward together :D

Alya said...

The Bruin!! Yaaay.. i took a picture with it/him when I took a summer course at UCLA.

Love the awesome pants. They look much better than I would think if I first saw them..

susie_bubble said...

I'd want that exact pattern in a jumpsuit.... love them!

Christine Dior said...

I like the pants. =) The prints are just awesome!

Mavis said...

omg! it's definitely awesome pants. love thrift shopping.

cindiasaurus said...

jesus christ super star, eh?
i was thinking more along the lines of joseph and the amazing technicolored dream coat...
totally dig them!

Audrey Leighton said...

your adorable, i love it!