Saturday, August 2, 2008

Take me Back to Taiwan...please?

WARNING: Lots of pictures ahead. If you find that offensive somehow, then you can leave. Or suffer through the offensiveness.

So I'm back from Taiwan and life has become boring once again. Not that my life is boring, goodness no, but where my life is located, aka the sunny suburbs of California, is so dull compared to Taiwan. Whereas lights are out by 10 PM where I live, the lights never go out in the city. I really have become a city girl.

I love travelling. I love going to other places and seeing different cultures. Smelling different foods. Stalking different fashions. I should stop buying clothes so I can save money for my flight around the world. What an idealist I've become.

It took forever to load the images onto blogger. By the end I got tired so some days have more pictures than others. I don't believe in day elitism, I swear!

DAY1: Midnight flight to Taipei// Slept on plane// Tried to understand that I'm flying into the future // Watched Sex&City on the personal TV // Slept more // Landed in Taipei at like 5 in the morning // Bused it to the hotel // Met 3rd uncle on my dad side // Met a small typhoon// Realized third uncle on my dad size got a little fatter // Took us around the city, Taiwan drivers are CRAZY! // ate yummy breakfast // More driving around // Nap at hotel // Met my dad's crazy-interesting family // SLEEP. That was by far the longest day I ever had.


Woke up// "YAY, I'm in Taiwan" thought // Met with sis's friend // Walked around the street // Took the metro // Off to Xinmen Ding for some shopping // Indulged in money spending // Memorized the exchange rate // Ate with second uncle from mom's side and met cousin I never met.


Woke up // Went to get new glasses. Glasses here are so much cheaper! // Lunch with dad's opera classmates // WuFenPu Shopping!! So much cheap things, so little time // Went to harbor// Dinner with mom's friend at this really pretty building // Ate icecream // Tired.


Awake // Took metro then taxi to resturant // Went to wrong resturant so took taxi again // decided not to eat there when we met up with mom's friend // Taipei 101!! // So pretty super fast elevator // went to National University for mom reunion // ate cheesecake and homemade milk // tour bus // hiked // sweaty pig = me// seafood.


Left Taipei for our trip around the island with third uncle and his SUV // visited old towns // visited memorial sites // visited temples // visited dad's friend's museum// met third uncle's family and ate dinner // night market // coolest "motel" ever with swirly TV


Lots of temples Day. Mosquito bites emerge.


OMG! MONKIES!!! the coolest part of my trip was getting so close to these monkies. My uncle drove up this mountain and talked about how all these monkies just sit at the side of the road. I was super excitied but then when we got there there were no monkies. About to leave disappointed and super sad, I suddenly see a family of monkies coming closer and closer and WOWOW sooo cute. I fed them peanuts. Too bad my camera ran out of batteries :( // Food // Dutch Historical building // Night market .. stinky tofu=yum! // Boat ride at night to beach


Coastal scenery.


National parks!! // So beautiful // waterfall cave // super awesome.


Drove back to Taipei// Went through a long tunnel // SOGO department store shopping and gawking at expensive things // back to WuFenPu for cheap stuff! // Met uncle on mom's side again and cousin I never met // Walked around // Market with adult stuff and snakes // back to WuFenPu! We're crazy // typhoon coming // Got drenched because dad told the taxi driver to get off at the wrong stop.

Met with dad's friends and played with cute kids and cuter dogs // ate at this really weird but really cool resturant that's like a piece of art! It was sooo beautiful in a weird way. Called Five Cent Driftwood. I want to be like the architect.artist // Met with sis's friend // Watched an episode of drama at his house. Bleh. // Taipei 101 viewing! // ate at nice japanese resturant // love the graffitti.


Picked up glasses // Bought thin 0.28 pens! Yes! // National Palace Museum // Taiwan bakeries are sooo good // dinner again with mom's friends

Last day = sad // History Museum to see the Millet paintings. Dude it was super crowded, it was as if I was waiting in line at Disneyland, totally ruined the experience of art-going. but now I can say I've seen a piece of art that I learned about // Found a Mister Donut! YES! // Strolled XinmenDing // Strolled Computer Market // Went somewhere with second uncle // ate dinner at this rotating high building thing // ate escargot for the first time! // plane ride // bye bye taiwan!!

I still have serious jet lag. Bad Bad.

Working on LalaLiu tonight.

And remember to bid, if you wanna, no pressure.


Fashion Slacker said...

what a cool trip!

beccajanie said...

Amazing photos! Jealous of all the awesome shopping opportunities!

N/OutofFashion said...

Love Love!

Anonymous said...

WuFenPu is the bestbestbest place EVER to go shopping. I miss Taiwan... I'm so jealous you got to visit!

Solia said...

Love the Pon de Ring Lion in the pic behind you and you're making me hungry with all this food talk!

Anna Pope said...

What an amazing trip. I can't decide which day I like most because they all look so great!

Kelly said...

Thats funny, I was in Taiwan the same time u were! But love ur pics! I seriously miss Taiwan and i have jet lag.

oh and btw my name's kelly i love ur blog! :D

Melissa said...

Ahh this sounds like so much fun! I wish I could've come.

Anonymous said...

that five cent driftwood restaurant was amazing looking! how lucky of you to go to taiwan! looks like you had fun. =)

Squishybubble said...

Wow...that sounds amazing!!

we wear things said...

oooh looks like a fantastic trip and great vacation photos!


Anonymous said...

Coming out of my commenting shell as a fellow though less renowned blogger.

I must say, that building made of driftwood looks like a feat of pure architectural and aesthetic genius. In his fictional world, the W would have loved to live in an abode of such whimsy.

Mimi said...

Oh that looks yummi and you picked so great stuff.I'd love to have nearly everything!What a great post.I felt like I went there :D

your blog is super!

Isabel said...

Ack, you're making me want to travel so badly!

P.S.: It's "monkeys" not "monkies".

Lauren said...

Those photos are awesome, I want to travel there someday.

i think thats hauttte said...

im so jealousssssssss
i miss taiwan so muchhh =[

shelbybaby said...

hey there lala! wouldn't have known of '5 dime boat-house' if it weren't for your entry. stumbled upon your site while doing a wee search on taipei... love this city!! totally enjoyed myself and the food in 5-dime is amazing.. yum :P your site is super dreamy and you're super cutes yourself!