Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Batch of Ebay Goodies

Here I go again with another batch ebay goodies for LalaLiu.Love. My first attempt as an ebay buyer was rather successful. 9 out of 10 items sold. That's like 90%. And that's like an A- right? And really an A- is the same as an A or an A+. It gives you that 4.0. Except now in college they got extra sneaky and decided to make the A- less than a 4.0. Such gradists (stands for people who are grading discrimationists). That was a lot of -ist words that I'm all tongue tied now.

Enough nerd talk.

So yes I finally finished posting some items (16 items) today so head on over, now. That wasn't request. It was a command. I realized that shipping is such a pain in the gluteous maximus. I always knew it was expensive, but not that expensive! I lost money on one item and a few others probably did make that much profit. But truthfully, I'm not doing it for the money. Actually, maybe just a little. But no. It's just a fun thing to do to work on a business. It's like creating art but in a more economic and realistic form. Quite satisfying for my creative brainwaves that have been going bonkers this summer. So go bid and remember it's for a good cause! Portion of the profits will go to charity.

This time, there's some nice vintage clothes of course but some designer duds. Only two, but still. A nice Diane von Furstenburg blouse and Chloe skirt. Remember, all bids start only on $9.99. You might be cringing at the shipping, but seriously, I'm not trying to rip customers off, it takes money to buy the packages, it takes time to make little cute tags, and most of all it takes money to ship.

I'm going to Italy soon, so it would be nice to, you know, have some money for bread and water. Curse you dollar! Why must you be so weak!

And once again, layout is still under remodeling and I will respond to all friend applications soon. But you know me, soon is like next week.


Lady_V said...

*looks at pretty clothes*


*looks at empty wallet*


*Goes to ebay shop anyways*

ca said...

The clothes are amazing.

I went to Italy this summer in Tuscany amazing.

Hope you have fun there and good luck selling those clothes.

Anonymous said...
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Sarah Marie Carmel said...

oeeeeeeeeehh!!! I like everything actually... >_<
My favs must be the top 4 pics and the soft pink dress

OMG I'm getting my first paycheck in a month but expect a buy from me for sure!!

Peace out! ;)

Anonymous said...

can't fit any of them. but, they all look amazing. <3

Hannah Cheeto said...

I might have to get that wedding dress thing... so pretty!

Lauren said...

I love all the clothes! Especially that lacy dress.

LML said...

these are GREAT!

holly said...

i love that black dress with the sweetheart neck...fabtastic!

Hailey @ said...

Great ebay photos, I think in grades too lol. I'm off to check out the auctions.