Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Retail Therapy at Target.

Ever since coming back from vacation, I've been fed up with a lot of things. For a few days I've had the greatest urge to beat up random strangers or scream so loud as to popping my lungs. Sadly, both things never happened because I don't want to go to jail. Orange doesn't complement my skin. I have clear anger management issues. Thankfully, retail therapy is always there when I need it. And need it I did.

We drove down the hill and the instant my eyes saw the red bulls eye, my heart calmed a bit. The smell of Target's shiny clean floors flooded my nose with poisonous cleaners. I smiled as I passed by the micro food court as people stuffed their faces with hot dogs and less than gourmet pizzas. Oh the gluttony! It was magic. Right across from the food was the women's clothing. My home Target does not have good business sense because why would you put swimsuits and bikinis next to the food court. I wouldn't want to eat anything if I'm forced to face posters of girls romping in water.

To the clothes I went. And I actually remembered this time that a new Go International Collection was out: Richard Chai. A skipped around the small area like a hippy on mushrooms in a grassy field. I laughed with laughter and frolicked without care. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the collection. It looked nicely made and most pieces had wonderful details. There were many well-tailored pieces. They excited me. My eyes were already transforming into a green lust filled color. They were taunting me and clearly taking advantage of my current fashion slump state. If only I were made of Benjamins.

I took a handful into my hands and off to the dressing room I went. I really do hate how stores limit it to 6. If I were ruler of the world, master of the universe, I would change it. And make it 7. Take that.

Never have I bought anything from the Target Go Collections when they are not on sale. All my finds usually end up in the 75% off rack, so not expecting anything and just for the fun of it, I went to try things on. In many experiences, the collections always disappoint when I actually try them on.

I brought my new camera with me hidden in my new panda bag. From now on I shall bring my camera with me everywhere I go.


The first piece was a lambskin vest. I wore it over a leftover Rogan one-piece that was only $5, but too bad it was too small. The vest was nice and all but no way was I going to spend $80 on it. I'm sorry. Maybe next time when I actually make money.
A top and skirt. I don't think they were meant to go together. But whatever. Both pieces were cute as well.


I thought the design of this dress was really cool. It's a little surprise in the back with the racer back style. It had some nice seams and lines. The only thing is this satin fabric that proudly glorifies my non-existent flat abs.
A weird dress. It was when I realized it was sort of difficult to pull the zipper past my boobs, that I had worn it backwards. Oops. I reversed it. the style is alright with a "V" in the back. But the material felt like I was wearing some 80's ski jacket or something.
Dress with awesome blue flowers. It fit so well. It has nice lines and sweetheart necks are my favorite.

My mom really liked dress cinque on me and so did I. But was I really prepared to spend $40? I held the dress in my hands around Target for another half hour as we browsed the clearance racks and I picked up two super comfy t-shirts and a jacket. The dress was still in my hands. I kept debating. I must seriously be the most indecisive person on the Earth.

As we headed towards the checkout, the dress was still in my hands. I placed it onto those plastic black slidey thingies (what are those called?). I felt guilty that I was spending money, or my mom's money. That is the story of my life, guilt. I don't know why but whatever I do, there is always a sense of guilt. Okay, enough emo-rambling. So I bought it.

My first ever Target Collection piece not from the clearance rack. Is this a step up or step down? I walked out Target with a plastered grin and my stomach aching for food. Retail therapy sure does work. For some great reviews on the Richard Chai collection check out Fashion Trend Guide.

And notice my use of Italian numbers baby. I'm practicing and that's all I seem to remember. Less than a month away!

Oh yeah, one more day left!


Lauren said...

I like that dress you got.

Squishybubble said...

I looooove the dress! I have have have to get to target soon....MUST. HAVE. EVERYTHING!! XDD

emsie said...

I really like the high-waisted blue skirt. The dress is lovely.

Anonymous said...

AH!...I was wondering what the numbers were all about. Maybe you need some DEEEEEPPPP friendship to go along with that retail therapy of yours to quell the psycho-maniac in you.

Skyla said...

have you ever thought of writing for a magazine or something? you're talented. 'orange doesn't complememt my skin' haha that's enough reason not to break the law...oooh you have a vintage shop....

Miss Victory said...

Wow, Target do some gorgeous clothes!

Poster Girl said...

Learning Italian should be fun, it's such a beautiful language in my opinion. Congrats on your first non-sale GO item, I think you work hard and therefore, shouldn't feel guilty. Retail therapy at Target always makes me feel better, even if I don't buy anything, which is rare :)

Amber said...

I must go to Target! I've been lusting over that last blue flower dress since I saw it in a magazine. But $80 for one of the pieces? Isn't it Target?

Stararah said...

I bought the same dress as you! I just bought it today. It's wonderfullllll.

sincerely'xpolaroid said...

i like the
second out fit

ahoy! (ish)

On said...

wow tooooooooo cute!!!

I love Panda... and just bought a Morn Creations Bag from the following Blogshop:

Share with you the photos of my lovely panda tote bag tmr... hehe