Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lala's style of the day

WEEeeeeeEEEE, yesterday was super fun. Mis amigas and I traveled across the universe! Me posing with this checkered moped.

-my harry potter house of holland-esque tshirt of wonderfulness "YOU LOOK MOLDY DARK LORD VOLDY": free, courtesy of my hands and my mind for staying with me till the wee hours of the night stenciling the words on.
-my high waisted shorts of fury!!, can't really see the high waist, but it's there, don't you worry.
-leopard flats: target, I finally see these on sale in target after a year of it being displayed.
-tote bag, dragging on the concrete: icing $2.50
-leaf necklace: 0.50 thrift
-headband: 1.00 somewhere out there


Isabel said...

Your shirt is ingenius! I love it and can't believe you made it yourself! I'm rereading the 7th book now. It was so wonderful. *sigh*

Aretha said...

I love your Holland inspired tee

SKYLA said...

i've wanted a house os holland t-shirt for sooo long-i love the fact you made yours! was it screen printing?
would you like to 'exchange links' as fellow fashionista bloggers say? lol