Thursday, August 16, 2007

High Waisted Shorts of Fury

Eons ago, I kept telling mother dearest that her jeans were ugly. Okay, I didn't really say it that way because I would have received a death glare in return, but I suggested that her tapered high waisted pants were doing nothing for her. And I really meant it - nothing.

But like always I say as I don't do and do as I don't say. Wait...what did I just say?

But anyways, there is more to this story. So recently (not eons ago anymore), the high waisted look has somewhat come back in style to those that are willing accept that there is life out there beyond hiphuggers. This summer I went to the mall and found these shorts that I liked.. a LOT. However, my inner cheapness kicked in and I couldn't even manage to let go of 15 precious dollars. They were shorts that were, gasp, high waisted. Wait! Let me redeem myself! They had this band of vertical buttons, so it wasn't really as hideous as the 80's versions because really they were like a belt attached to the shorts. See, I'm not that bad.

After nights of longing for those black shorts of perfection, I decided screw that! I will make my own high waisted shorts of fury. And boy are they furious, they are a brightly angry hot pink/magenta color that make my fashion buds prickle with delight! They are wonderfully ugly with its pleats and its rise as high as the eiffiel tower. And even better they match my tri color boots of glory.

Check it out dudettes!
Originally I got these pants at my local thrift store's $5 a bag sale. I wanted colorful pants and I wanted to skinny-fy (hehe..) them so I could be another mindless robot following the colorful skinny jeans trend. Once I got home to try on my loot I was sadly disappointed that they didn't frickin fit. I did not want to my internal organs to be strangled. That's not the way I imagine my death thank you very much. Size 10 back then must have been a stick.
So this week, was my sewing/DIY marathon. Since summer school finished, I had nothing better to do than turn those high waisted ugly pants into these high waisted ugly shorts!

Side note: Today I did my one man fashion shoot meaning that I was both model and photographer. How did I manage you may wonder because surely that seems impossible! You can't be two places at once! Well thanks to mr. self timer I can now defy the laws of nature! I was trying to do some shoots for LalaLiu (yes I must talk about my website every post...its discrete plugging) Another thing I realized today:

1. it's frickin hot today and wearing boots and tights outside is like watchin an egg in the frying pan and I would be the egg.

2. there's a reason why there are models and normal folks. And I definately, most definately fall into the normal folks section.


Anna said...

that's asolutely brilliant work. and I'm lusting over those boots. I kind of hate you right now, though I don't know you (all in good fun, eh?)

Frasypoo said...

That is so cute!!Please tell me how you did it.My inner cheapness is pretty bad too so I figured that I could do the same thing as you did !!!

Emma said...

Sweet God, can I be you? You look adorable. If I wore that, people would weep with laughter. And I would just weep.

AsianCajuns said...

I love those shorts! What a find! I'm all about high-waisted shorts and that great color is just icing on the cake!

lalaliu said...

awww thanks for all the loving. it proves to me that they aren't an abomination to mankind. Frasy poo what I did was I took the pants and cut them to the shorts length but a little longer for the cuffing. I had to add strips of fabric to the sides because the waist was a lil tight. try it out cuz its awesome! lol

the Grey said...

I absolutely love that colour! Even though I can't actually see it properly right now because the sun is half-blinding me and I don't have curtains on my windows at this time. :P And the boots... ahh!

EMILYYY:] said...

Wow I loveeee those shorts!
I tried to wear a high waisted apron like skirt to school one day and I was horribly mocked for months after so I've been iffy about wearing it again.
I love all your clothes. They're all amazing. I read your blog all the time because you are my style icon, no if's and's or but's about it.

Eli said...

ah yes, those shorts are definitely cool. makes me want to start sewing again and again, but im too lazy right now.

Isabel said...

Those look like so much fun. You must really be the life of the party!

Jennifer said...

Love that outfit! fabulously retro!!

cinqmidi said...

the shorts are insanely fab! i may have to have a go myself