Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lala's style of the day

I had a burrito bol today from Chipotle and it was fantastic. I don't match at all..oh well :P
-blue tie worn as a headband: snatched from my dad's closet..hehe.
-polka dot babydoll dress (so 90's lol): 0.50 local thrift
-red belt & leopard belt: 0.50 local thrift
-tote bag: 2.50 icing
-peep toes


Fabi said...

a tie as a headband! never seen that before, but it looks great!

Jennifer said...

Love the dress, so cute.

fashaholic said...

I like the length of your dress :) It makes your legs look super long! I can't muster up the guts to wear a dress that short, so props to you! :D

Frasypoo said...

I agree with Fashaholic ...the length of the dress makes your legs looks super long and lean.Now if you can help me find a dress that makes me 2 sizes smaller and my tummy disappear,I would be grateful!!!

lalaliu said...

Haha, actually, I have stumpy legs but I think its the angle of the picture..hehehe manipulation of the eye! I had to wear shorts underneath because it was short. Actually, I think I wear shorts underneath all dresses/skirts I wear!