Thursday, August 9, 2007


From what others see me from the outside me and tattoos would not seem like a good match. Polar opposites would be more like it. I'm the quiet innocent girl and tattoos just scream punk! rebel! bad*ss! But ever since I started watchin Miami Ink, I've had this strange attraction towards tattoos and the people covered in tattoos. Tonight I caught the premier of LA Ink where Kat Von D who I believe is an amazing artist opens her own shop. Some of the best tattoos are like works of art and it makes me want to get one but...

a) i can never stick to one thing forever so most likely I will change my mind
b) i can never make up my mind so I wouldn't know what to get or where to get it. The arm? but then what if I can't wear short sleeves in the corporate world? The back? but what if I only want it there certain times?
c) i don't want it to be permanent which kind defeats the point
d) i'm too scared of needles
e) inked skin doesn't sit too well with the parents

I really admire Kat's personal sense of style even if it is quite different from my own, that is if I even have one, I'm so schizophrenic at times that I seem like multiple people. I especially like her little stars or spots around her eyes they look really cool. But also I think those TLC (i'm a big TLC buff) commercials for the new show have brainwashed me. The song is really catchy and I love the whole pin-up theme going on. There's Pixie, what a catchy name, her friend who helps her around. I like her style too except her split tongue and these two pierces in her cheeks which kinda weird me out. Then there's these two awesome chick tattoo artists Kim and Hannah. I really like their colorful works and if I were to get a tat it would be a coloful one that makes me smile when I wake and see it everyday and realize that I can't erase it with soap and water. And there's this other guy who's cool too but it's all about GIRL POWER! So spice girl-esque.
You don't have to have the "tattoo lifestyle" or that certain look to rock them. I've admired the styles of certain quirky fashionable gals such as Tricia of Bits and Bobbins and her baby wardrobe remix and Gala Darling over at ICING. I love how their personalities are expressed their their body art. Very colorful, matches their colorful styles to a tee.

Not a very good picture of the tattoo, but its just a little piece on the arm that looks lovely.

Ahh! I love her tattoos. I think they look soo cool! Almost as if they were sleeves to a shirt.

Random picture I found on Flickr, but cool none the less.

Perhaps in my past life I was a tough chick with a hardcore rockband! But for now, I just stick to my stuff pandas and rainbow colored clothing and admire the tattoo lifestyle from afar.

Tattoo inspired shirt from etsy. that I've thought about it more, maybe I just might....


fashaholic said...

OHH!! When I saw the commercial for it, it got me interested in it too!! I didn't take note of what time it was airing tho so I didn't watch it.

I don't think I'd ever get a dad even threatened to kick me out of the house when i suggested cartilage piercing :(! And sometimes when i doodle on my arms, I only like it for a few minutes but will be bothered by it the whole day. I don't think it's for me =\.

If i did decide to get one tho, I'd want to have the yakuza style tattoo like gala's (from shoulder to the arms) or shoulder to the chest :O! oh. and eve (the singer) has cool paw tattoos on her chest xD hahaa.

the Grey said...

While you're thinking about the inking, allow me to tag you to give us 7 facts about yourself!

Frasypoo said...

You need to hit a bike week some where will blow you away!!!
I do like Kats style too.its that pin up look she has and she seems to have lost tons of weight!

.m. said...

i love tlc as well! can't wait for la ink! check out my post of tatoos i did awhile back on my blog!!!:)

ed said...