Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh Snap.

My sister told me I had a "flats tan" which were worse than her "sandals tan". That just about ruined my day.


SKYLA said...

Haha you must be so upset :P i still have tan lines from my last holiday which was about 3 months ago. Except they're not tan lines, they're just lines of where my bikini was , showing the colour i was before :S lol
i checked out the Alice in Flowerland and it's really cute!
Should I just tell you here what kind of thing I'd like?preferably on a white scoop neck t-shirt maybe a picture of alice central with the rabbit or a drink me bottle? i'll leave you to think up the design, just that I'd like it to be clearly Alice, maybe a little writing that says it?
Haha thank youu, hope that wasn't too much 'request'! oooh and i found a picture, which is the exact kind of 'Alice' outfit i meant :) '

Anyway hope this isn't annoying for you-this is really exciting lol =D

Thanks alot for saying you'll do it!


WendyB said...

Oh, sisters are wicked sometimes ;-)