Saturday, August 18, 2007

Trip across the universe

So yesterday, my coolest super-duperest awesome highschool buddies took and I took a trip across the universe. We visited the rings of Jupiter and froze our hineys off at our quick stop to Pluto. I was estatic with joy to have traveled so far but my dreams were shattered when the local law enforcement told me that Pluto is not a real planet. After our rendevous we space traveled back to Earth all in good time to catch the 4:30 metrolink back to orange county, allowing ourselves an indulgence in overhyped but delicious pinkberry.

If you haven't realized by now (I thought the first sentence was rather obvious), I lied about the whole thing. Minus the pinkberry and metrolink of course. I don't think I'm a compulsive liar, I just like to tell stories. But yesterday I did venture off into Pasadena home of the Rose Bowl and my coolest friend's (KC will be her name) school Art Center: College of Design. It was filled with everything a trip should be: shopping, old people, and art.

This old man was falling alseep, can you say adorable? Because i can! He's adorable!

Unfortunately, we didn't go because of the old people (there was a senior center right near the metrolink stop) but I wanted to visit her school, one of the best art schools in the whole entire universe (and that is not a lie!) Senior galleries were also being put up because they JUST finished school and are starting summer break. We took the bus to get there but wasted an hour when we took the wrong bus that ended up going in a circle around Pasadena. Even the bus was a work of art, they are called the Arts bus afterall. But what is a good adventure without making mistakes and getting lost.
It was sooo cool to see all the works of art and taking their free postcards they left out.



I loved this person's illustrations. black + white + red = my favs even though they are my highschool colors and highschool was not a fav.

There's no fashion design major at art center, but I did see these two absolutely WONDERFUL creations that were works of art. I want those so bad.

One of the coolest parts of the whole school was the prop room. The guy working it was nice to let us "take a look". We did more than that. They had cool clothing there and it felt like a dress up girl's dream come true. It really made me want to go thrifting and buy more hats.

The school was surrounded with art everywhere! Look there stands the chicken that guards the entrance:

Afterwards and another hour of bus mishaps, we went back to Old Towne Pasadena and went shopping. That is wear I spotted Pinkberry and boy does it taste so satisfying when its really hot outside. We walked around H&M and forever 21 and I so a lot of trendy people. Grr those trendy kids! I wanna be trendy too! (haha, not really) I was good and didn't buy anything.

This was a funny picture because this random tall dude came out of nowhere and joined in on our picture but sadly lil fashaholic was blocked.

Read this shirt in the mirror:

Finally we went back to where we started and met up with another friend who couldn't come and ate gelato!! Afterwards my mom and sister came to pick me up and she wanted to eat Cheesecake factory and she would pay! Yummm.

Friday was a fatty day but good thing I wore my high waisted shorts of fury because it kept my stomach trapped in its big pleated fabric. I got a nasty pants burn though. I invented that thing up its when your pants get too tight that you see a red mark.

So tomorrow I will fly off to space again, this time I want to visit Uranus, not just because its a funny name (HAHAH ur anus..okay that was immature). See you space cadets in a week :)


the Grey said...

You look like you're running from Lord Voldy in that first Arts Center picture! He must've gotten mad at your t-shirt! ;)

Anna said...

you went to the art center while wearing a t-shirt that blatently insulted voldemort? though, even that can't beat space travel...

Meg said...

I'm starting to slowly read your blog the whole way through. I'm falling in love with your life. I hate House of Holland style tees but your shirt is an exception.

Re: I'm glad you wash your trous. I think it's a good habit.

Frasypoo said...

That was funny!
That trip looked like fun,I love the bus

Anonymous said...

Oh, those pictures are amazin'.

cj said...

that bus is amazing! oh and that old man is soo adorabe. cool blog!

Emma said...

Completely brilliant post (and T-shirt).

regina said...

what station did you get off at and what bus did you take? my friend and i were planning to go to art center via the metro as well (since she needed to drop off her portfolio for a scholarship and neither of us can drive).

Tortellinka said...

I just realized that the seats on the train, where the lovely old man is napping, have exactly the same ugly space-like 80's fabric as we've got here, in London. is there ONE company who's got monopoly to make them? or what?!!

Tortellinka said...

or, it's a bus =)
but that makes it even worse! trains+buses.
oh dear.