Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Seven Deadly Secrets.

So apparently, I've been tagged by the lovely Grey. I'm suppose reveal seven secrets. Well, I'm never going to reveal any of my secrets, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, *deep breath*


Okay fine. (PS, sorry for my immaturity)

1. I have an obsession with weird people. I love love love weird looking and odd people. I don't know why but I'm strongly attracted to them. Like today we went to eat and I kept staring at this boy because he was kinda tall and lanky and awkward looking. I think I am a big pervert now. Oh shoot, I'm on the way to becoming a pedophile. NEVER!!

2. I secretly desire to be a karate master. I even tried the "jumping on oncoming car" move demonstrated by Hilary Swank in the next karate kid on the first day of school in first grade. Too bad the car stopped and I didn't get to demonstrate my amazing abilities.

3. The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel are my guilty pleasures. I love watching stories about people with a face eating tumor and a family with seventeen children. I like to watch about the smallest people in the world and I like to watch about the tallest people in the world. I like to watch about men who turn into women and women who turn into men. It's all good. Discovery channel rocks my dirty socks!

4. I wanted to be a foot massager when I was a youngster. I would see the commercials of people giving foot massages and think, " that's the life." I can't believe I gave up such a good dream. Dang.

5. My name is not really's my secret identity for I am really a CIA spy operative working undercover as a teenage fashion wannabe and trying to find out about the corruption in the fashion blogging world.

oh shoot. I gave away my cover. i'm fired for sure.

6. I used to eat my boogers. And boy were they delicious. A little salty. A little crunchy.

okay, i think that was a little too much information.

7. I really know nothing about fashion. I'm just a wannabe and that's how I like it.

Now its my turn to tag people!! I tag umm.. well, lets see I don't know that many in the blogsphere so I'll tag Carmenita at Fashaholic and stinafish at Stina Saves the Day, frasypoo at Vintage Store Finds, Eleh at Come thrifting with Me, the Asian Cajuns and Katie at Fashion + Feminism= Love


stina said...


the Grey said...

There's corruption in the fashion blogging world? :0 I feel like I've just been robbed of my naiveté and innocence! :(((((


Isabel said...

I love weird people too. It doesn't make you a pedophile. I think.

Hot damn, I love your blog!