Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun at the Getty

Me in my asian safari hat ready to adventure.
I realized from my past blogging that the name of my blog is incorrect. I have focused more on being the "fashion freak" than the "art geek". Art was really my first passion, I actually hated shopping and clothing when I was younger, but thankfully I saw the light. So the title might be a bit misleading, but fear not for today I went off to the wonderful (and free!) Getty Museum with my good friend (my big pee long lost sister :P) who I haven't hung out with in zillions of years. I woke up around 8 and then by 9 we headed up north. Funny how I lived so close to the museum but never went there once last year.

the weather was nice. the art was amazing. the tram ride was fabulous. (I always liked the tram ride the best)

i took some pictures of the artwork, but then this lady told me I couldn't. Me and my dad were having a contest to see who could get into the most trouble with the security guards. He won.

James Ensor. the "illegal" painting that I guess I wasn't suppose to take a picture of.

A Monet, Rouen Cathedral
Weird ballon sculpture at the entrance.
It was fun to see all the paintings my professor talked about during my Modernism class. It was sure a boring class but now I've come to appreciate it's usefulness. I guess thats what education is all about isn't it? To me, I like the weird more abstract art the best. Modern art is great too, but I really get irritated with the old style pieces of kings and queens in their fancy dresses. I do like taking inspiration from their fashion, but the art not so much. My favorite exhibit was sadly only a five piece one of Tim Hawkinson. His works were frickin cool, dare I say it, Cool Beans! There was this one scultpure that looked like a dinosaur skelton but was actually made up of little people and he constructed it out of crayola model magic!! Ahh, I love weird twisted artists.

I loved the garden as well, when I'm rich I will get a garden like that.

After the museum I felt like an old lady. Maybe my love of old people has made me unconsciously older. I was pooped out after only walking around for like three hours. We then headed off to Santa Monica Third Street promenade. Ate yummmy pizza. and then did what I do best - shopped. I ended up with this cool dress for 10 buckaroos. I thought my dad got kidnapped again by some homeless man who wanted his car, but it turned out that his cell phone sucks monkey butts because there is no sound.

My sister asks me why I look good in all the "cheap" clothes. I told her, because I'm cheap. Duh.

Went home and watched the TLC's Diana special/Mean Girls during the commercial breaks while working on new designs.

And that is my day. Now I don't know what to do for the rest of the week. I'm missing summer school already.


colee said...

you lucky butt, sounds like you had tons of fun :) turns out i didn't go to the bowers museum as planned. instead i went to this boringly long auction with my the blue top with the little birdies you're wearing.

fashaholic said...

i like the dress that you got! :)

Frasypoo said...

Love the dress,I think you look good in your clothes because you change it to suit your style.

Eleh said...

plaid, tartan, whatever it's being called, i like it!!

dianabobar said...

such a cute dress!

Candice said...

The Getty museum, i love it!

ed said...