Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yet Public Service Announcement for LalaLiu

Attention people of the world. I've taken an hiatus from my DIY rampage to finally edit some of my "modeling" (erm..I mean "normal folks picturetaking") for LalaLiu Designs.

And now good people of the universe you must head over to the site right now and check out the new gallery section and the new items!!


fashaholic said...

80s white dress with puffy frilly sleeves= LOVE LOVE LOVE !! me wants iittt *drools*

fashaholic said...

oh and the awesomely huge 80s bow tie is spiffy too :)

Jennifer said...

I love the tshirts
that's so cool that you get to take pictures for them!

lalaliu said...

Thanks! actually its my own website and just me and good ole self timer plus a lil photoshop for the pictures :D

Isabel said...

"Losers are the new cool". I love it!!! Perhaps when I make some money, LaLaLiu designs will be mine for the buying!

Frasypoo said...

I love the new look
Good job

dianabobar said...

the pictures are really amazing!!!! and so unique! love them!
by the way:
I just gave you a Rockin' Girl badge. See more on my blog.

Eleh said...

u make your own clothes and model the clothes yourself. what's not to like about that? great job.

i like that bow. A lot.