Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bustin' Out

It's at the tiny bottom corner in the right.

I recently submitted my site to Bust's Girl Wide Web directory and then today I found my link on the site's frontpage! I don't know if its a big deal or not, but I think it's pretty cool. Now let me gloat in my moment of glory...ahhh. Okay back to real life. If you havent already, go check out LalaLiu Designs! After summer school is over, I plan on doing major promoting and sewing sewing sewing until my fingers fall off.


Frasypoo said...

You are talented and I love your designs,I have put it on my blog as a link(below the blogroll)One day when I reach my goal weight I have a tee,I have my eye on!!!

the Grey said...

My tee arrived today! Thank you so much! I love the tee, and, small detail, but I also loved the colour of the wrapping paper, hehe:) (I attempted to take pictures but none turned out too good - for reasons of myself not looking as I'd like in them, not because of the tee - so I only have one with the print part and the cat on my bloggie.)