Saturday, August 4, 2007

good morning baltimore!

Ah. the sun. the air. life.
Today is Friday and naturally my sister and I had another round of Friday fun. It was actually a spur of the moment idea because I didn't want to rot at home or melt at home since it was pretty hot today. Come to think of it, I have a lot of things to do on my list of things to do but they never get done. Does that make any sense? We were planning on painting pottery but I soon realized that painting pottery is not as cheap as it should be. So what to do? HAIRSPRAY!!

This song is stuck in my head. My sister keeps telling me I'm singing it wrong, but I'm singing it right in my heart.

I really liked the movie, I wanted to sing right and dance so badly right after put then people would have looked at me strangely and I think I've gotten enough strange looks in one lifetime already. Fashionwise, the clothing were really cute. I want to go shopping for some vintage dresses now. I'm looking for a floral dress with big poofy skirt please. We giggled during the cheesy scenes and laughed at John Travolta as a woman and we were relieved that there were no kissing scenes between John Travolta and Christopher Walken. I want big hair now. I want to be sent to detention where people can just dance and not copy from the dictionary.

We later hopped off to Thai food! Yum! We explored the deep and dangerous jungles of the suburbs and found Thai Delight. Delightful indeed. Ordered curry and this noodle dish.

In the late afternoon we went to pick up my sister glasses and went to eat at Pat & Oscars. When we went to find parking my dad was signaling to turn into a parking spot where this lady was leaving but then all of the sudden this young girl driver turned in. My dad honked but the girl didnt even say sorry or leave. I felt like doing a Nawanda on her (Fried Green Tomato reference) but then this guy did it for me. He walked up to the girl and said "Don't you know people were waiting for that spot? B*TCH!?" Oh wow. Isn't america a lovely place full of aggressive people to do your dirty cursing for you without even having to get out of the car yourself. When we later circled the parking lot we saw that the girl didn't get out of the car. She was probably afraid we were going to jump her or something. Now I kind of feel bad.


When we drove home I saw a street named Fashion street. Not very fashion-y at all. Jeesh what a trickster.

We watched some TLC's A Model Life. The girls are million times prettier than the America's next top model wannabes. Maybe it's those enticing accents of the foreign girls ... yeah its got to be that, accents give you an X factor in my book.


fashaholic said...

aww I wanna watch that seems so fun and colorful!

Frasypoo said...

That was funny but it all boils down to some people having no respect for others...(the driver)What goes around comes around.
I have been trying to be really good about my diet but you may make me fall off the wagon...I am a sucker for all rice and noodles !It looked yum!