Friday, August 31, 2007

Rockin Girl Blogger

The lovely and multi-talented Diana Bobar from the coolest blog around, So FASH'on, honored me, Lala, with a Rockin Girl Blogger award. I'm in tears. Thanks so much, it means so much to me.

Okay, I'm not really in tears but I do thank you! In my heart, I'm in tears. So once again, I'm here with the dilemma of choosing some bloggers to tag. I don't know that many bloggers and my only "real" friend has not updated in so long (GRRR, you know who you are!! LOL, update pretty pleasee??).

So not to be a blog pooper (the equivalent of a party pooper in the blogging world) I've tagged these wonderful fashionable gals. I also tag Diana in spirit because I guess I'm not suppose to "retag". Also if you've already been tagged, well too bad, I tag you again! MUAHAHAHA!

Isabel at Hipster Musings is too cool for school and rockin such a cute bob at the moment.

Emma at Alarm Clock Catastrophe because she is my daily dose of laughter.

Eleh at Come Thrifting With Me because I wanna go thrifting with her!!! and she wears such adorable outfits.

Fabi at Diary of a Third World Fashionista because I love reading about her life and looking at all her pictures. She is my favorite third world fashionista

Katie at Fashion + Feminism = Love because I envy her thrift finds. and a feminist as well, right on!

And the Asian Cajuns of Asian Cajuns because I love their blog title. It makes me smile everytime I say it.
and and I also tag Carmenita at Fashaholic because I want her to update.


dianabobar said...

well you certainly deserve it! that top you painted is very cool!!!

Fabi said...

oh thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! I am sooooooo flattered!!!!! and now I get to choose 5 other bloggers, too, right? wohooo

and by the way, I am in love with the dress you made, you have MAD painting skills (I was a science nerd, hehe)