Friday, August 24, 2007


If you haven't figured it out already, I did not actually go to Uranus, although I did really want to, but my parents just could not afford it. So instead, we opted for a small five day trip up north.

The first day was just a whole bunch of driving and sleeping on the car. Hmm.. I really do love sleeping on the car, especially after a nice fullfilling lunch at good ole Denny's. We met up with my mom's friend from college and her family.

Stanford, the school that failed to acknowledge my greatness.

Day two consisted of touring Stanford for my sister. At the little one hour admissions information session, the person said they look for people with potential that will contribute back to the university. Hmph, so they thought I didn't have potential did they??? I'll show you!! LALA WILL RULE THE WORLD ONE DAY and then I'll show you who has the potential now! Jerks.

I don't feel that resentful. Seriously. Up north, they don't have much fashion sense and many hot people. That was mean. I apologize. Sorry.

Then we went to Monterey for beach, fish smells, scenery and all that jazz. We visited fisherman's Wharf and then Cannery Row where we walked and did tourist-y stuff and then ate at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co., which I must say is one of the coolest seafood places I've ever been to even though it was a bit pricey, but all the Forrest Gump memorabilia totally made up for it.

Boats at the wharf that don't really catch any of the fish they sell at the wharf. What tricksters.

The Harley I road up north. Fine, fine, it was just a display next to a shop.

Bubba Gump's! The little shrimp is rather ugly, but boy are the desserts so not ugly.

After our fun at Cannery Row, we headed back to the motel which happened to be right next to a Salvation Army. I had the thrifting itch the whole trip! Hopefully a trip tomorrow will cure me of my madness. The motel had fungus on the shower curtains. So not cool.

The next day we went back to Cannery Row to the Monterey Aquarium. So many fish, so little time, and a lot of people. I love sea otters and I now know how to sniff one out if there happen to be any in area.


Afterwards we drove to Carmel where Clint Eastwood was once mayor. And then we paid $9 to drive 17 miles around Pebble Beach, a golf course, and rich people's homes.

Carmel: city by the sea

The tree.

The day was not yet over as we went back to Monterey to drop our friend off and then decided to adventure into downtown and what was there? Why a farmer's market!

I was whining for one of those fish hat, but my parents wouldn't pay and I didn't want to either. I will make one someday and then I can be the coolest girl in the block with this giant fish eating my head.

The third day we left Monterey and drove down south. We passed by Harmony, the most coolest, fun-filled city in all of America. With population 18. I can now say that I've ran across an entire city in under a minute.

We drove down more to Solvang- a fake Denmark.

Our motel was next to the infamous Anderson's Pea Soup Restaurant. We got the pea soup and on the first sip it was wonderful. But then I realized it was pea soup and I don't like peas so I kindly gave it to my dad.

Finally, on our last day we drove back down, stopped by Santa Barbara a bit and then went down to Malibu to visit the Getty Villa. And then we drove back home where I made it just in time for Showgirls.