Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lala's Style of the Days


  • Super Super Highwaisted Wide Leg Jeans (I feel like I'm travelling back in time when I wear them): $4 thankyoumart
  • Black tee: Proenza Schouler for Target, $3.50
  • Red Leaf Belt: local thrift, 0.50
  • Green Cardi: $3 tjmaxx
  • Crocheted Cape that I used as a scarf/neck deco thingy: gift from grandma
  • Green Scarf: 0.50 local thrift
  • Crocheted Square piece that I attached onto a ribbon for a headband
  • Purple Wedged Mocassins: $5 loehmanns
  • Purple sunnies: $2 wetseal


  • Top with faux-patchwork designs and flared sleeves that makes me feel hippy dippy: $1 jet rag sunday sale
  • Black shorts: 0.85 local thrift
  • Sheer blue hoisery: 1.00 local thrift, I had "smurf" legs for the day.
  • Belt: from aunts donation bag
  • Red sequined flats: $5 downtown fashion district
  • Dali Necklace:
  • Ants headband: made by me

Winter here feels like spring or even summer. I love color. I love sunshine. I love life.

I feel like I'm one of those girls who are overly positive that it gets to the point where you want to throw up.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, you are adorable!

fashaholic said...

i see that you're channeling the karate kid in you in one of your photos :p.

AsianCajuns said...

I love those high-waisted jeans!

The Clothes Horse said...

You look like you stepped out of the 70s in your first outfit--in the most awesome way. Both outfits are such a delight for the eyes and mental senses!

Anonymous said...

So daring! I love it!

Diana Rikasari said...

i LOVE the tuesday skirt...

softspoken said...

those jeans are amazing. and the crocheted shawl is really a dream. i love that it came from yr grandma :)

Cee-Cee said...

i adore the tuesday outfit!

Isabel said...

I love the retro inspiration in both outfits! Hippy dippy is a great expression - people should use it more often.

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Wow. I love your blog. And you're style.

You should be featured in a fashion magazine!


Patent Shoes && Rants said...



Vintage Bunny said...

Your positive happy attitude makes me happy and I am one of those gloomy people !!
Please visit this blog
She had some cute stuff on it and on of the featured t-shirts was a Marc jacobs one very reminiscent to the ones you design.Though you were first!!!

fashionista said...

You have the greatest style!
Love both of the outfits and all the color you used. Keep up the awesome work.

Wendy said...

The second outfit is so cool! I love the layering and the colors!

saray said...

LOVE the first outfit!

the t-shirt girl said...

awesome outfits! im loving both

Bobble Bee said...

i love the super super high waisted jeans!! you look so adorable! :)

gracie said...

i love all your outfits! You use coulor wonderfully :)
do you want to exchange links?