Monday, January 14, 2008

The Beauty of Imagination

When I close my eyes, I don't see black.
I don't see the glaring afterglow of my desklight.
I don't see the tiny little dots scattering about.
My eyelids do not shield me from the world.
They transport me somewhere else;
somewhere new; somewhere beyond the Milky Way.
Without moving a limb,
without getting up from my chair.
Close your eyes, imagine,
think, where the wonders never cease
where the impossibilites are just myths.
Enjoy darlings
the beauty of imagination.

Dear friends and foe, I've just returned from the greatest place ever. My trip to DaliLand was quite nice. "Quite nice" actually just doesn't cut it. It was amazing, beyond amazing, it was absolutely breathtaking. It was breathstealing. There was hardly any tourists destroying up the place and the traffic was terrific. While there I got to attend a wonderful Masquerade Cocktail party and wear my red poofed-hip-tapestry-pattern-cocktail dress- with-pockets of a dress. I had just bought it from Loehmanns yesterday, and had no idea when or where to wear it to. Now I do have an idea. I also got to site see around the barren desserts and beaches. I was wearing my new plaid sack of a jumper and my lovely grey hat. This trip definately makes up for my missing of the Dali exhibit that showed at LACMA.

Now, I really don't want to start off another week again. I'm still feeling a bit of jet lag, but a goodnight's sleep should be the cure to it all.

I find it really funny how all my posts end with me going to sleep.


AlicePleasance said...

Little Lala in Wonderland, Dreamland...
I like this post and the pictures are great!

Jello on Springs said...

Great outfits! I especially love your red dress and your hat.

Vintage Bunny said...

I close my eyes and open them and you are all grown up!Thefirst dress is so chic!
PS:Walmart has a section for thepeople stuck in the 80' s and thats where I got my 2 dollar pants,I will go back to search for 2 dollar skinny jeans next!!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love these pictures-they are so so excellent.

stupidcupcake said...

the red dress is nice!!

Cee-Cee said...

love the collage!!

Penny Lane said...

Oooo I like those outfits!

Oh and I tagged you for something silly :P

Jo said...

The plaid dress is awesome

Man do I love imagination!

N said...


- i wrote about you this week!

fashaholic said...

that red dress is beautiful and your PLAID(!!!!) dress and hat are nice as well :)

jess said...

i love your pictures

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Wowwww pictures are ahmazingggggg!


Isabel said...

I think I would like Dali a lot more if he weren't a fascist.

Wendy said...

Awesome photos! The second outfit is so darling.

AsianCajuns said...

I love your photos - you look awesome! I'm not really a big fan of Dali, but your additions make them so much better.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, amazing job with the pictures. I so suck at photoshopping pictures together (I'm just assuming that's what you did there). & great dresses. :]

Anonymous said...