Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fossils are Forever

Yesterday, I woke up to the sound of morning and decided to awake from my dream of crashing elevators and monsters named Pluto. The clouds had smeared away by the time I had finished brushing my nasty breathed teeth. I went downstairs and was greeted by my favorite being in the world, Mr. Tyke. He let me pet his little head. I ate cereal while trying to catch up on current events. I am still ashamed to say that I don't know much about what's going on in the world. I woke up my sister, fed her like the spoiled kid she is. She showed me youtube videos of a guy singing in a female voice. It was awesome. I wish I had his voice. By the time we got through all his videos it was time to go. I screamed at my sister telling her to hurry it up. We met up with mama and headed off for Thai food. It was spicy. I was crying spicy tears.

Finally, I met up with K and C (hehe, let's use gossip girl first letter nicknames shall we?) for our mini thrift-adventure or in other words driving around aimlessly in and re-exploring our favorite city in the world. We watched K's brother J eat a sandwich. Afterwords we drove over to Bargain Box. It was not a fun thrift store. The ladies looked snobby and they were trying to sell fake Chanel bags as the real thing. So me, C, and K left. We drove to another store. Value village. This is wear my family donates our stuff too. My mission was to find something of ours in the store. I did find this glasses case that looked eerily familiar. C found a perfect pair of men's leather shoes and a mini-luggage case. She looked like she just got back from WWI.

I found these awesome shoes for $4.

A man handed me a pair of lime Converses because he said they matched my tights. Such nice friendly people in thrift stores no? I didn't buy them because they were still a little pricey for my liking.

K, C, and me bought these FOSSIL are FOREVER pins. They are really random, and I have no idea what Biostratigraphy means. Oh wait. Now I do:

Biostratigraphy is the branch of stratigraphy which focuses on correlating and assigning relative ages of rock strata by using the fossil assemblages contained within them.

So fossils are forever. and so are friends. We will be fossil power girls! The "Nasty Stuff" pin is for Todd. Haha, because he is nasty stuff. It will be a surprise gift for him.

Afterwards, we didn't know where to go. We saw a parking lot with clothing so we went. There was no good stuff, but there was this funny sign that was so K-esque that we just had to take pictures.

Then I asked C to pose for me because I loved her outfit especially her hat. She so rocks the boyscout/military cap. Her eyes were blacked out because they were semi-closed. But otherwise, she has the face of an angel!
We went downtown which is always our last resort when we run out of things to do. Strolled around streets that smelled like alcohol and tobacco because we were well, walking past a bar and a tobacco shop. Went in and out of Buffalo Exchange and then met up with these freaky things.
She had the eyebrows of a psycho-killer I swear! And then there was this one elf with a saw. A SAW! Scary. We went to the Stray Cat and I breathed in the musty old vintage frocks and I felt at home. Then we left for yogurt. I was the only one to eat yogurt. What a pig I am.

K gave C these awesome chocolate band-aids. I had never seen anything like it before so I had to take a picture. I did.

We departed and I drove home. Me and the sis decided to watch Run Lola Run way late at night after our GG viewing. It's an awesome movie! It made me want to run and get clownish read hair. And speak German.


Vintage Bunny said...

I liked Run Lola Run,a little strange but worth watching!
I like Value Village too,decent prices.

Lady N said...

I gave you a Blogger Award on my blog! Come check it out. :)

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Chocolate covered band aids. Oh my!

Nice pins and signs =]!


Sarah said...

I love your blog, especially your thrifting adeventures (which seem to be far more interesting than mine)

and when I was really little I couldn't pronounce my best friend's name (Gabriela) and called her Lala, and still do, so I was automatically drawn to it.

the iron chic said...

Chocolate covered band-aids are awesomely gross.
Imagine if Jesus came back today and saw his name all giant with lights?
He'd be like "Yeah, that's what I'm all about.Sweet."

Isabel said...

Cool shoes! They remind me of Vivienne Westwood.

Miss Woo said...

Man I love the shoes. I wish British charity shops are as good..

Natalie said...

Cuute shoes!!

WendyB said...

I love Run Lola Run! It made me want the hair as well.