Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lala's Style of the Days

Warning: There are a lot of pictures ahead because I just can't get enough of myself.

I was kidding.

No. Seriously. I was. I'm not that narcissistic!


I loved this outfit yesterday. It was my rainbow brightness that I needed to cheer me even more. It took me a while to get to this final result, I was seriously running around the room like a madman taking off and putting on.
  • Anna Sui Tee: Technically, it's a $0.01 ebay win so we'll forget about the $8.25 shipping.
  • Lime skirt on bottom: Lulu Castagnette from Loehmanns, $5
  • Magenta Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt above: $22 tjmaxx
  • "Deep Aquarium" Aqua tights: I'm going to name my own colors from now on. $1.50 local thrift.
  • Thrifted black shoes: $4 value village
  • Lips headband, Just kiss me on the head!: made by me
  • Yellow belt: $2 tjmaxx

After getting dressed, Bacne looked at me and said, "Wow, you're normal today!" Um. Thanks? Haha, I love you Bacne. Yes this outfit was a little more on the "normal" side for me, but I love it still because I feel like a curtain with the giant scarf hanging on the front.

  • "Split Pea" Green cashmere sweater: $10 oldnavy
  • Magenta tank underneath to cover boobage: $3 wetseal
  • Royalty Scarf: saved from my aunt's donation bags
  • Black pants
  • Brown tweed jacket: the limited, my mom didn't want it anymore.
  • Flats: Payless
  • Spiderman ring!: Taken from the top of a cupcake from a kid when I was volunteering at the science center. It's the best ring ever!
  • Mexican girls hair clip (can't really see)

I should sleep once again. Sweetdreams buttercup.


Lluviaschick said...

love your last outfit!! and the colours of the tights in the first one is amazing...

fashaholic said...

i think deep aquarium fits the description of your awesome tights :)

i like the first one too cuz of the colors, but i think the outfit you wore last time we met was even more like the rainbow hehe :)

stupidcupcake said...

The pictures from the Lib. are cool!

Vintage Bunny said...

That green sweater is to die for !!!!

Grace said...

great outfits. i especially want to commend you on your anna sui steal- $.01?! too bad about the shipping & handling though.

Eleh said...

looking really fantastic in the second last picture! wow.

Bojana said...

wow wow wow I love it all!!

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I wish I had your creativity.

You're obsessed with those shoes! I love the top- I think I've said that 10000000000 times before.

Spiderman ring is awesomeness! I want one. I have a Spongebob one and a Patrick and Sandy one all from cousin's cupcakes.



bronwyn said...

Nice pics, escpecially the ones in the library. You definitely get full points for lovely, bold experimentation that works!

joyce said...

you get cooler, and cooler everyday.. it's scary. loved your second outfit, it's a good thing you saved that scarf!
p.s., spiderman kicks!!

Wendy said...

Those photos are seriously wonderful!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Cute! The second to last picture looks really sophisticated.

fashionista said...


Fashion Tidbits said...

love the scarf!

the t-shirt girl said...

your blog is aaaaaaaamazing!!! lets link