Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

When I got dressed, I wanted to "double-tights" it up by layer the sheer hose with the white opaque tights on the bottom, but somehow the inseam was way to short for the hose and no matter how much I scrunched up and up I just could not get the tight's crotch to match up with my crotch. That sounds sort of disgusting now that I've typed it out but it's the best way that I can communicate the message to you. So finally I decided to cut off the toe part so I could lift it up more. The result turned into a grey-ish, deathly sickish looking color. Me loves it. You can't really see the details because they're on the back but basically theres little triangles near the feet and a long line down the middle.
  • Alpaca Sweater that I took in and hacked the sleeves off: $2.50 from goodwill
  • Double belts: 0.50 local thrift
  • Pink shorts made from pink pants: thrift
  • Massive gnarly looking black scarf that reminds me of dreadlocks: 0.50 local thrift
  • White tights: 99 cent store
  • Sheer hose: 1.50 local thrift
  • those shoes once again! Yes Patent Shoes & Rants, I am obsessed with these shoes. Sadly, I think I know why the original owner donated them in the first place, because on the inside they are literally falling apart. The black plastic-y lining is melting onto my feet and leaving horrible stains on my white tights! Oh well, I will continue to wear them still: $4 value village
  • Mexican hair clip and spider man rign again :)

I realize now the first picture makes my bum look big. Really big. I'm an "apple bottom" now. Haha, no way.

Oh Jesus, Christ Almighty, it's almost Friday already! Today was a pretty uneventful Thursday except for a little surprise!

My illustration got front page today in the newspaper! WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM.

Awesome no? I worked a lot on it only to realize that all the stuff that took me a lot of time I didn't even want with it anymore.


Wendy said...

I love that sweater! Great outfit like always. And congrats on the front page illustration!

Ninja said...

That sweater is amazing. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy because I randomly blurted out 'are those llamas?!' , alpaca is close enough to still be epic.

Anonymous said...

That's exciting being on the front page of the paper! :]

Soul Tanggg said...

OOh LaLa!
I love the outfit!
especially the scarf and Llama sweater!!!

at first, I thought the scarf was feathers, what is it made of?!?

lalaliu said...

soul tanggg- it's made from yarnish stuff. It reminds me of a feather boa though :D

Oren said...

I must say- I found your blog about a week ago and went through all of it.. You have one unique style there guurl! that's boss. When most people dress the same, we have to appreciate the ones who are special (at least some of us should..).

That went out so cheesy but i'm sure you got it :)

fashaholic said...

your tights are disturbingly cool. it creeps me out yet i can't stop not looking at it!

A Pinch of Pizazz said...

Wow..Alpacas RULE!

And well done on getting featured in the paper! I love your illustrations!

Rumi said...

Wow congratulations on the illustration! I tagged you ;)

Poshpalette said...

its my first time here and ive spent almost 3 hours ready ALL the enries in your blog.

our thrift store sells stuff that cost MORE than the normal ones.

congrats btw!


fmg said...

ooh i lovelove the layering of tights!

Heather said...

Congratulations! I love the sweater.

WendyB said...

Wow! Congrats!

N said...

I love the illustration!

Emma said...

you outfits are so whimsical keep up the good work (i finally posted after the long x-mas break hope you had a good new year)

Lauren said...

Hey, thanks so much for your kind comment over on my blog- it's really sweet of you.

And looking around here, I totally love and hate you. Hate in the jealous way- your clothes are divine, and I could never pull off the Busby Berkeley matchups that you're sporting so awesomely.


Caroline said...

thats lovely news about your art!

Anonymous said...

congrats on getting published(?) and making front page!

I adore the color and graphics on that alpaca sweater of yours, I need to go thrifting pronto

Isabel said...

Ooh, an alpaca sweater? Amazing. It's awesome that your illustration was in the paper, too. Congrats!

Diana Rikasari said...

woohooo....front page!!! CONGRATS!! :)

Bobble Bee said...

i love that sleeveless sweater!! really interesting, love the blue color. and congrats for the front page :)