Monday, December 31, 2007

Lala's Style of the Days and a Happy New Year's Eve soon to be New Years!

I have not been very "fashionable" as of late partly due to the fact that I'll I've been doing this week and weekend has been sleeping and sewing like a bum. I look like a bum too. I like how hair looks when you just roll out of bed. It's so fresh. It's so organic. Love it.


  • Yellow blouse with ruffle collar: 0.50 local thrift.
  • Jeans: $7 target
  • Bow belt: 0.50 local thrift
  • Wedged moccasins: $5 loehmanns
  • Nordstrom ribbon in my hair: free!

The family and I went out to celebrate the finishing of my sister's college applications. We ate yummy sushi. A funny story today, my sister tried to pass as 12 years old because if you're 12 and under 5 ft. you get in for half the price. She's under 5 ft. and she kind of looks 12 so we tried. My dad tried. But we failed, because the waitress was like "Nooooo, I can tell! You're not 12 years old. You can't fool meeeee." So then she asked my sister how old she was. My sister just sat there smiling like a buffoon. And then the waitress was like "I know! You're 14 right. See I know..." She left. We laughed. My sister's 17 and 18 in 12 days.
  • Stripey tunic: $10 express
  • Pants: skinnified by me from forever 21. many years ago.
  • Black converses: a Christmas gift last year
  • Green oversized wool coat: from my mom. My mom did her first online shopping and was a little disappointed when she got her coats because they were too big on her. She gave them to me. I have wide shoulders. I should be a football player.
  • Thing around my neck: It's a little belt thingy for a dress
  • Red quilted purse: Alright alright. It's a fake Chanel. I know it's so bad to get fakes. But my mom got it from my aunt and I went shopping in my mom's closet and I got it.

Behold! Sushi!

We saw little puppies out in the mall. I hate pet stores because it makes me want to buy all the doggies and kitties and let them roam free in my house.


Heather said...

haha great story, cute puppies! I've found that having a bob facilitates the best bedhead on me.

Wendy said...

Haha, you guys went to Todai! I knew it while I was reading. I love that place. The green coat looks fantastic on you. Love all of the outfits.

And I feel the exact same way when ever I go to pet shops. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

oh god, I adore that coat!

I keep begging my parents for a puppy, but my house right now is so NOT puppy proof...

Isabel said...

I love your clothes! Outfit #2 is more badass than what I'm used to seeing on you, but it still looks totally great. I wish we were thrifting partners...