Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Break

Now it's time for another wonderful update on my life.

So Thursday was Todd day. KC came over to go over but before we could go I just had to go over to the thrift store to buy Ms. Mannequin. I saw the mannequin the day before but I just didn't have enough cash to buy it. They wouldn't hold it for me, so I dashed over there the next day. It was still there. YAY! $50 bucks well spent.
Miss Kaymen. That's her name.

It's the mannequin I've been looking for. On ebay it goes up to $80 plus. Afterwards drove to Todd's house. Helped wrap presents and went free thrifting in his mom's donation bags. I got a bag full of 80's goodies. Hehe.
Ate dim sum. Did a little thrifting then went to downtown fullerton and went into the awesomest vintage store. I found a furry soldier hat. I would have bought it. I should have. It's just so cool.
The Spice Girls aint got nothin on us:

Sorry for my psycho eyes.

Went home with KC and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Aww, grinch is so cute. So round. So hairy. Ate mongolian noodles. Yum.

Saturday was fabric shopping.
Little Baba looking at fabric. cute.

My loot.

I'm bored of this boring post. My doggie's horny even though he's neutered and my feet are cold. Goodbye.


fashaholic said...

ahaha great work on our british invasion pic :) and i can't wait for that fabric to turn into pretty dresses!

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh! I want a Mannequin too. This is a quite good found..

The Clothes Horse said...

I want a manne! And that hat was quite wonderful. It would always work for costumes, even if I would be too afraid to wear it day-to-day.

Natalie said...

Coolio mannequin!!

I like your blog :) Want to trade links?

If you do, leave your link with me at my blog. I blog surf through a proxy, so I can't see it :-P

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I just deleted the post I was working on because it was boring. Whatever- I'll post it later.

Ahh! Fuzzy hat! You should have bought it hahahah! Cute mannequin, I love mannequins- They look so chic!


Natalie said...

I linked you :)

Eli said...

youre lucky, those are usually really expensive. Now that you have it, you can drape your dresses that you have to make, just buy lots of pins, this will be a lot easier than trying to make patterns for those dresses.

jess said...

i love the fuzzy hat

the iron chic said...

I just ate some roast beast.

AsianCajuns said...

Sounds like a very productive couple of days. I love dim sum - there's very few good dim sum places in Atlanta so I try to go at least once while I'm home in D.C.

Jill Sherman said...

Love your blog at would love to trade links!