Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Highs and Lows of Ebay

The Highs: Thinking you're going to win an item for super cheap. It's the last minute and you keep refreshing. You're the highest bidder and you think you're going to win.
The Lows: Having the same person outbid you in the last 5 seconds every frickin time.

I give up. Take my cheap finds! I don't need it anyways...*runs away and cries*.


Heather said...

Oh that happens to me so much! I thought today I was going to win some Cheap Monday jeans for $15.50 and I ended up paying $38 because of some lurker... so now they really had better fit, because ill-fitting $15 jeans are not as big a deal to a broke college student as ill-fitting $40 jeans...

Eli said...

you need to watch out for the sniper bids!