Saturday, December 22, 2007

Beginnings of a Designer

So I like fashion. Scratch that. I love fashion. If it wasn't painfully obvious from my blog, then oh boy is someone super slow today.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved art. That is quite hard to imagine now...I am turning the big two zero next year..GASP! I don't know how or why because my parents don't have much artistic genes and I wasn't forced into doing it, so by logical deduction I must have naturally loved it. Art has been the only thing that I've actually kept at for the longest time. I am a proud drop-out of music, sports, and girl scouts. And now as the college clock goes ticking, I realized that is really time to think of that wonderful question little kids always get asked : "What do I want to be when I grow up?"

Well, I want to be a fashion designer. I know there are millions of girls just like me who love fashion, love to sew, love to design, love to create and all are dying for a chance to be a successful fashion designer. So yes, I am one of these girls. I can't prove that I am the best out of them all because in life, there will always be someone better than you. But for now, I will eliminate these millions of other girls away from my thoughts and just focus on me, myself, and I. If I work hard and believe, things will come true. I am overly optimistic in all aspects of my life. I've got no complaints so far.

My first dream career was to be an architect. However, taking an architecture class in high school made me realize I'd rather design wearable art than livable art. I ended up going to a traditional for year college instead of an art school. I don't regret making that choice because I wouldn't change it for the world. But now comes the time to think of what to do afterwards. My plan is to go to fashion school afterwards and use my undergraduate business economics degree as a "backup". That's my idea for now, so we'll see how things end up. I seem to change my mind a lot.

So this year I decided to join our schools fashion club. I had no idea one existed until last year when I saw their annual spring runway show which was actually a huge production. I didn't know it would be that big. After that night, I knew I had to join the club and hopefully become a designer for the show. As the story goes, I sent in my application full of sketches and ideas and then I got it. I was seriously a nervous wreck for that whole week because I really wanted it bad. Like really bad. When I got the congratulations e-mail my heart burst with joy. Seriously y'all, little joy bubbles where fizzing in my veins all over. Now this is my chance to show my first ever collection. The theme of the entire show is called "Grounded", but my sub-theme is "Senses". The idea is how people are grounded in reality through the use of our senses. Connections and relationships are built through our senses. The way we live and function as human beings all fall back to our senses. So yeah, just think Senses. I have 9 pieces in the collection. For me, there are nine senses, not the normal five.

Here were my sketches I submitted. They're just first draft ideas but so far I really like my concept. Take a look and a glance:

The designs are a bit surreal, a dash of whimsical, a streak of odd, and a whole lotta girly. I like them. I think they really say "me" as a designer. Because you all know from PR, you have to show "you". I would like to take a fashion drawing class because my sketches are a little stiff. I tried sketching all those model-y poses, but they just ended up looking like deformed-really-tall-skinny-girls.

I don't really know how to start and that's what I'm worried about. I checked out sewing books and looked up patterns. I am pretty okay with the design and concept aspect, but as for technical skills? Uhh... that's just asi-asi, if not below asi-asi. But not to fret, I will try to bring it. Not try. I will bring it with all I've got.

Tomorrow I'm going to fashion district to buy fabric! I have my new mannequin with me and will have my fabric and will get ready to go! I just hope this time my friend Mr. Procrastination doesn't call me up to go hang out.


Jello on Springs said...

These are amazing. I love the one where the huge bow is made to look like a pair of ears lol And seriously, if this is what you love go for it! You have your first customer right here =]

Life's a Wardrobe said...

The designs are so creative - I love the shapes of the pieces. Good luck!

N said...


You should go on Project
Runway after fashion school!

Bojana said...

Ooh niiice! These are so adorable and cute, and not in a cheesy way. I love the 50's-ish dress with the legs !!!

formatcodes said...

i love these designs ! especially the heart..gorgeous.
Although...on the last line, what are the first and third designs representing? I'm probably being really dumb...but...i can't figure it out !

amazing, though (:


ashley said...

i love these! the idea and execution are both amazing.

i'm a freshman at my uni and i joined the fashion club too! and i also made it in to the club's "designer boot camp" so i'll be making designs for the winter and spring shows :) i'm really excited! but i suck at sewing so i'm going to have to work really hard..

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I want to be a fashion designer as well. Or a fashion journalist. Those are the two things I want with all my heart.
The problem with me being a fashion designer is- I've never sewed anything. And I can't really see myself being great at it. I love drawing- And have a drawer stuffed to breaking point with designs. And then there is my blog which has just got started but has gotten a good amount of hits.

Well I wish you luck!

And never admit to being one of those girls- Always put yourself aside from them- No matter how hard it is.


The Clothes Horse said...

Those are really interesting. I say pursue your dream (as you are). Millions of girls think they want to be designers because they have the design aspirations of Lc (on the Hills), you are in my mind what it really takes to be a designer (of the likes of Galliano and Lacroix) an original and creative.

jellofer said...

Wow, those designs are awesome!! I'm expecting lots of pictures of your designs brought to life!! :D

Sage said...

the nose one is so funny!

Isabel said...

I am so proud of you! Lala = the next Jeremy Scott. Seriously, those drawings are amazing!

AFitz said...

You are awesome. I'm so glad I found your blog!

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

cute sketches! :)

CuteMess said...

Your sketches are so cool! I'm adding you to my list o'blogs... thanks for leaving the tadanori comment so I could find your blog.

Kori said...

Wow- that's so cool! Your sketches are amazing, and I know you'll be a big success!