Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

I went fabric shopping yesterday and this is what I wore. My mom almost called me a "hooker". It was a funny and awkward conversation. I LOVE fabric shopping especially in the traffic filled downtown LA. Sniffing up the pollution makes me happy.

  • Overalls: $3 tjmaxx. I'm reliving my elementary school fashions.
  • Pink cashmere sweater: $10 oldnavy
  • Tights: $1.50, oldnavy
  • Socks
  • Boots: $6 thrift
  • Cameo belt: $3 tjmaxx
  • Belt as a headband: mi mama's
  • Bag: $1 thrift
  • Jacket: 0.50 thrift
  • Sunglasses: $1 thrift


fashaholic said...

hooker?? i don't see it :|

Wendy said...

Fabric shopping is fun. I never end up making anything good though, but the process is amusing. I love it when I find cute fabric by the yard for super cheap.

Lady N said...

Oh this looks fun!

Isabel said...

You actually manage to make overalls look cool. Jealousssss.