Sunday, December 30, 2007

We're the Girls From Beverly Hills, Shopping is our Greatest Skill

My elementary school life, as I remember, was filled with nap times, desks with little cubicles in them, carefree "whatever" math problems, overalls, stirrup pants and after school daycare where me and my posse hung around the parking lot playground as if we ruled the school. With the exception of having some boy flick a playing card at my butt that left me crying away in shame and fearing the lunch table hangout area ever since, I would say elementary school was the life. One of the most memorable parts of this period in my grand life was the two hours I spent every afternoon in daycare. Although I did not like to admit it to my mom because I wanted to make her feel guilty for leaving me there, I enjoyed the time I spent at daycare. Me and my friends would hang out in the bathroom after class so we could arrive fashionably late to the multipurpose room where the day care teachers checked attendance. I thought I was a little rebel back then. I also couldn't wait until 3rd grade because that was when we were allowed to walk over to the 7-11 and get the unhealthy junk food - you know, the good stuff. However, there was one thing I didn't like about day care and that was Tuesdays because on Tuesdays all my friends went to Girl Scout meetings while I was left along wandering the desolate parking lots looking for stray crayons and lucky pennies.

After hours of begging and pleading, my mom finally let me join the Girl Scouts in the 4th grade. Too bad I switched schools the next year because I so would have rocked it as a Girl Scout. Although I tend to do things my friends do even though I initially may not be personally interested such as joining the Girl Scouts, I did have another reason for wanting to get dressed up in those high waisted green khaki shorts and little vests with few badges (I wasn't as "active" as I would have liked to have been) and that was because of watching Troop Beverly Hills, one of my favorite movies as a kid (That plus Teen Witch rocked me and my sisters tube socks! Oh! I don't forget The Next Karate Kid!)

And as fate would have it, the movie was playing tonight on ABC Family. So I gathered up the troop (my sister and my mom) and huddled around the heater to watch this delectable movie. I remembered how awesome Phyllis Nefler was always dressed and the most memorable outfit was what I like to call her "Pringle Chip Dress" because it well, looked like the shape of a pringle. If you don't remember, it's when she's throwing a little party in honor of her becoming the new troop leader. So tonight, I relished in the outlandish, fabulousness of her outfits and the little girls funky late 80's get up. I managed to snap some pictures from the tv because I just could not find many images on google.

I wish I knew how to make my Juniors Girl Scout Uniform that chic when I was young.

Hand me a green beret please! And give me a diamond that sings and I'll be yours.

Ms Nefler manages to make aerobics look fashionable.

This reminds me of doing Jane Fonda aerobics workouts with my mom.

An adorable Jenny Lewis with an AWESOME hat. Killer dress too.

90210 children sure do know how to dress!

Hehe...I want to attach a bird looking object to my outfits.

Annie finally came out of her shell when she got dressed up in this frou frou dress. I seriously wanted this dress since I was a little girl. Don't even get me started on the little hat.

But this lady will always be the belle of the ball!

As I finished the movie, I could only sit there reminiscing all the good old days of being a kid and suck up my fear of growing older. But hey, if I can dress up like Phyllis Nefler when I get to that age, sign me up baby!


The Clothes Horse said...

Looking at those images now I think they look like bad costumes, but how chic it was when I first saw them as a child!

Kristin said...

So true. I love your blog! Would you be interested in exchanging links?

Stararah said...

I love that movie! It's one of my favorites!
I haven't seen it in years, though. I'll have to rent it or something now.

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

That was my favorite movie!



Vintage Bunny said...

That was a cute movie !

Heather said...

I love it! Jenny Lewis as a stylish young'n!

Kristin said...

okay, i'm all linked.

bronwyn said...

Great post, love the pictures:)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that movie before, but I really want to since I loooove Jenny Lewis. :]

Anonymous said...


THAT takes me back.I've never heard of this movie but I really want to see it now, just 'cause of the clothes.

LML said...

haha thats so funny i was watching it on ABC family too! i LOVE that movie...jenny lewis was too adorable. i heart her :)

happy new years eve!