Monday, May 21, 2007

slave to target

Hi, my name is lala....*deep breath*... and I am a shopaholic.

Okay, I'll admit it. I am a shopaholic. Maybe not quite to the extent of Sophia Kinsella's Shopaholic character in which I am in debt due to my extravagent, but I believe that I am a 100% shopaholic nevertheless. I have dreams about shopping, I think about shopping on the weekends so time flies by faster when I am sweating it out in the gym. When our family goes to Las Vegas, the thing that comes to my mind is "Where are the outlets?", after daydreaming of the fabulous buffets of course. My monthly allowance is $100 and yet I think I spend 80% of it on clothing/shoes/accessories while the other 20% is devoted to vanpool tickets or a special treat of pinkberry with friends. While many of my friends stay the weekends here at UCLA, I alawys find myself returning back to my lovely suburban neighborhood and spending some quality ,ummm, shopping time with my mom and sister. Of course, weekends are also the time for my thrift shopping adventures. St. Vinnies is my twice a month stop - saturdays are 50% off everything! Now that's just too good of a deal to skip out on. The last saturdays of the month are also the days in which my favorite local store. $5 a bag baby!

Now although I am a shopaholic. I am a special breed of shopaholic. I am a cheap shopaholic. Is that an oxymoron or what? I love to find a good deal and I rarely buy anything at full, retail price unless it is something that I absolutely love and know that I cannot get it anywhere else/find another thing like it/never see it again. However, realizing that the things that I love are way out of my price league, I will stick to my cheap ways. For now that is.

One of my all time favorite places to wander around is Target. That bright red bulleye just lures me in everytime I drive pass my "down-the-hill" shopping center. As a kid, I remember how my mom would always buy me clothes from Target. During that sad sad time in my life, I cared less about fashion or what I wore. I do recall, though, how ugly the clothes were, but I wore them anyways. What am going to do, walk out naked? Even that is a little too liberal for me. But Target has changed so much. Their clothing have definately improved and rivals big contender mall chains such as Forever 21 for producing cheap and fast fashion, albeit the turn around is not quite as fast. Target has also been smart enough to catch on to the "designer does cheap" fever in which their GO International Line features "international" designers to produce wallet-friendly clothing for the masses. I liked this idea, I still like this idea even though this type of designer meets the masses collaboration has become quite common these days. But onto the point of this post - what I like even more is when Target marks down their clothing, down to 75% off! When the Proenza Schouler for Target line came out, I was uber pumped about it mostly because of all the hype. When I went there in person though I didn't find anything that quite fit and some of the pieces were still a little more than what I usually pay. But with time, come the sales. I got a tip from a slickdeals forum that the PS for Target were reduced to 75% off! 75% off? Now that I can work with.

It was destiny that my Oceanography field trip got cancelled because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go into Target and find all my wonderful finds. On Friday when I came home, I literally had five minutes to go in, look through the racks, and buy the items since my mom and I were in a rush to pick up my sister from a birthday party. That day I spent $33 and found the following things:
  • Yellow Jacket - 9.99

  • navy/black leaf print cropped jacket - 9.99

  • Stonewash denim pencil skirt - 7.49

  • navy tissue tank - 3.24

Surprisingly, the clothes all looked lovely. A little basic, but still a great steal at those prices. Plus in my heart I can think of it as a "designer" piece. The yellow jacket is the best though! I feel like a little fireman in it. With all my excitement I wanted to go to my "down the hill" Target to see if that story had any more items on clearance. The next day I went and found these:

  • yellow button up shirt - 5.49
  • black tee - 3.74
  • coral tissue tank - 3.24
  • silk blouse - 8.74

I love the black tee. It's so basic yet very flattering. Did I mention it's super comfortable too?! I would buy it even if it did not have those cool looking Proenza Schouler tags. Granted, those tags did give me the incentive to buy the pieces just a tad more. What can I say? I'm a label whore. While shopping I did happen to catch a glance at the new Patrik Robinson collection. Nothing really caught my eye, I guess his clothing didn't quite suit my style. But who knows, I just might go crazy again when they become 75% off!

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Frasypoo said...

Great prices !Unfortunately they sold out quick at our target !Great stuff too