Wednesday, May 16, 2007

lala's style of the day

I wanted so much more from this blog, but so far it seems that I only have time to upload what I wear each day which is okay I guess. Hopefully, after school is done, I will be updating with more ideas on fashion/art/music/culture and whatnot. Thanks mei mei, you're the only one who reads this. I'll help you find the coolest dress ever!

yesterday: May 15, 2007

-plaid shirt: 0.50 local thrift

-jeans: china town vancouver-green cardi: 3.00 tjmaxx

-red yarn braided headband: homemade

-crab necklace: made by me

-black peep toe wedges-tote: 4.50 h&m

-favorite red leaf belt: 2.00 local thrift

today: May 16, 2007

-scarf: 1.00 from olvera street.

-heart necklace: made by me-blue tee (underneath): 1.50 from express

-blue tank: 3.00 UO outlet

-purple plaid flannel (too big but so comfy): 0.50 local thrift

-leopard print belt: 0.50 local thrift-gold chain belt: 0.50 local thrift

-jeans: express, skinnied in and attacked by me... haha no i just painted it and ripped it apart.

-peep toe wedges

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stina said...

cooooooool. :)