Tuesday, May 15, 2007

quick update on my life...no i was not dead

crayola crayon dress of awesomeness

-crayola halter dress: made by me from my sisters bedsheets

-white long sleeve shirt: 5.00 mall

-black bubble dress (underneathe): 8.00 kohls

-grey leggings (folded up to keep thighs warm): 1.50 old navy

-black tights: 1.50 old navy

-brown boots: 3.00 local thrift

I have a tendency to dress up on mondays. Most people hate mondays, but I love them. I'm on campus all day and I always look forward to creating an outfit for mondays. Maybe I'm deep down an attention whore. I like people to see what I wear, and hopefully they like it. I saw a lot of people staring at my dress today, I hope they don't think I'm too weird. But yeah, mondays. When you have class from 9-6, it just feels nice to dress up and be happy with what you are wearing the whole day. Clothing makes me happy. Dressing up makes me happy. And today, is definately my happy day.
I was suppose to update daily...but what do you know...I get caught up in something known as college. Last week was pretty fun actually. It was one of the most relaxing weeks I had in ages.
  • My friend and I got to go to free Autolux concert. I thought they were pretty good. Plus, I've never been to a real concert so I didn't have any high expectations. Oh yeah, did I mention it was free? The drummer, Carla Azar, wore this really cool shirt (or was it a dress) but it was white and had this huge farbic flower in the center. It was reminiscent of Marchesa's famous rose dresses but in a little more "in your face" sort of way. I feel a lil DIYing coming my way.

  • blurry pic

  • On Thursday, my roomies and I roamed Westwood Village! Ate at a Thai House, which was such a nice treat and break from dorm food, although I have an inkling that the people were cheap with our orders. Pad Thai chicken AND shrimp was really just some chicken and TWO shrimp. But it was delish nonetheless. Also, we went to pinkberry...yes the trendy hollywood new craze. It's yummy...what can I say?
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