Thursday, May 24, 2007

FAST's "rebirth" fashion show makes my heart beat fast

Last night, I would have to say, was the highlight of my week. My life is rather mundane, so when I received news of an on campus fashion show I was there in a heartbeat. I cancelled plans to go to pinkberry for FAST (Fashion and Student Trends) Club's "Rebith" fashion show. I didn't really know a club like this existed until now, or actually, I didn't know that they put together such awesome events until now. But now I know and I will definately want to join next year. Sign me up please!

The theme of the show was obviously, Rebirth, and featured 13 UCLA students. The clothing featured the works of 13 designer. What I loved about this show was that the students are not fashion majors (or school offers no such major sadly) although most of them are art students. One of the designers that was interviewed in our school newspaper was actually a cognitive science major and planned to go to FIDM after she graduates this year. It was really inspiring because it is somethin I hope to do after I finish my Bus-Econ days at college. The collections were really good I though considering that these students did not have the professional training that fashion students get. However, there was one collection that made me puke inside. Okay, maybe I didn't want to puke but my first thoughts of the clothing/swimsuits/lingerie/stripper gear were slutty, stippers, slutty, slutty, oh did i mention slutty? I guess it got better towards the end with more swimlike pieces and not outfits that you can find at an adult store. No seriously, I'm not exaggerating.

The show was fun and energetic and it made me want to be apart of it. Plus, I saw Bobby Trendy in his infamous flamboyant gear and crazily tall platform boots.

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